Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

Smokey Brown Eyes

i like to play with my make up and create new looks but lately i have been all about the naked 3 palette and used it almost daily but at the beginning of the week i pulled out my other naked palettes to play around with warm toned browns and i created a little eye make up that i got a lot of compliments on and i wanted to share this smokey brown eye tutorial with you. let me know what you think and which tutorials you want to see next on my blog.

first off all i did my face make up as normal and primed my eyes with a regular eye primer. you can use whatever works best for you and your skin. next, i grabbed a flat shader brush and applied the shade naked from the naked palette all over my lid as a base color.

next step is putting buck from the naked palette in the crease and blending it out with a blending brush, focusing on the outer v of the eye. to make the make up look even deeper and bit more smokey, add busted from the naked 2 palette into the outer v and blending it in with the whole look.

to finish of the look, add a bit of ydk in the inner corner and your favorite eyeliner and wing it out. i also used a few coats of my favorite mascara. i also used my new l'oréal lip gloss in molto mauve and its done. i really like this look and i think its really easy to do. let me know if you like it and i love you.




  1. Your make up here is amazing, I love it! X

  2. Cute look !


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