Montag, 19. Mai 2014

New In Nail polishes

Essie Nail Polishes in Blanc and Licorice; 7,95€ each

i don't know what it is but since i got my first essie nail polishes i just don't like to use any other ones. its some kind of addiction to this beautiful color range an they way they apply, look and last on my nails and i might be that obsessed with that brand that my friends getting addicted too. i just love the brush that they come with, they are wide and thick which makes them super easy to apply and they are richly pigmented and just glide on so good and they last so long on my nails. normally my nail polish chips after a few hours but essie lasts a week on my nails before starting to chip.

so recently i treated myself to two new essie babies and i must say, i've never been so in love with any colors since mint candy apple. they are my perfect combo and i haven't had any other color on my nails since i got them.

i always wanted to try white nail polish since i saw ariana grande rocking it. i wanted to go for a true white color, nothing sheer or light and blanc seemed to be the perfect color for that and it is. two coats and its perfectly white. i'm just in love with it and it makes my hands look a lot tanner than they actually are because i'm still white as a wall or should i say white as blanc?!
i also wanted to go for one accent nail and since i just love everything monochrome and black, i picked up the blackest black i could find and its licorice. they look so cute together and they are my favorite combo ever that i just had to share with you.

do you have any favorite essie nail polishes or combos? please let me know because i want to add more polishes to my essie collection. oh and thanks to everyone who subscribed to my youtube channel lately. i've already hit 40 subscriber which is great, if you want to subscribe just click the youtube button in the sidebar, thanks for your support guys, i just love you.




  1. I really want to get a white one ! It's gorgeous all year long !
    Giveaway on the blog, get the golden queen look !

  2. The white seems great! I hate when white nail polishes are not opaque enough! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. I love white nails so much! They look fab with a tan x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I so want to give white nail polish a try too but get kinda scared haha. x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  5. i adore those two shades - white nails always look so chic

    from helen at

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