Sonntag, 13. April 2014

{OOTD} Beach Please!

Jacket: Chicwish | Pants: American Apparel | Shoes: Dockers | Scarf: Primark | Sunnies: Primark 

yes, i am at the beach right now. my family and myself made it to denmark yesterday to spend my birthday week at the beach. i'm turning 20 in tuesday which is quite scary but anyway, i just love it out here. its basically like a second home to me and i have been to this particular place in denmark countless times. its just a little family tradition and the perfect place to escape before uni starts all over again. this is also my first ootd and i hope you guys enjoy it on my little spot that is mainly about beauty. let me know. love you.




  1. Looks so beautiful! Absolutely love your boots and your puppy is so cute :3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. Lovely pictures of you !

  3. <3 gorg pics. love the beach too much


  4. Lovely photos, I really like the scarf!

  5. You look beautiful and are totally working the windswept look!
    Love the vintage style faded pictures!


  6. Love the photos!! And Happy Birthday in advance...


  7. Beautiful photography! Happy birthday when it comes, and I'm super jealous you tracked down that scarf! I hunted high and low but to no avail... :( x


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