Spring Inspired Make Up

oh look whos back, it feels pretty weird and pretty awesome to be back on the blog, more on me not being around for ages later. the weather has been awesome lately, far to warm for february and now march but right up my alley. all the little flowers are already blooming and the bushes are getting green again. so my make up has been really spring weather inspired lately, lots of pink tones, lots of pastely soft tones. thats just what i like rocking at the moment. plus, the sun has brought out my freckles which is awesome. in todays post, i’m gonna show you the make up products i use a lot lately to achieve my spring inspired pinky toned make up and i hope you’ll enjoy it. i also like the contrast of pink make up with my mostly black outfits. black is just my favorite color to wear.

for my eyes i have been loving and using the naked 3 palette. lets face it; its perfect for any rosy or pinky toned look ever and the quality of the eye shadows is just flawless and super easy to use. my favorite combo is “limit” on the lid, “nooner” in the crease and a bit of either “dust” or “strange” in the inner corner. limit and nooner are both matte and taupey rose colors. nooner is a few shades darker and is perfect for the crease. dust is a super shimmery pink and strange is a matte rosey toned white.

for my cheeks i love using sleeks “pixie pink”. its a matte true pink which makes my cheeks look like i’ve just had a walk in the cold. its awesome and adds some kind of freshness to my face and the illusion to be more awake than you actually are. a huge plus. sleek blushes are awesome. i love them so much and they are super affordable.

on my lips i have been using a combo of macs creme cup and candy yum-yum. because candy yum-yum is just a too much in your face color, i like to dap it on my lips with my finger to add a pink tone to my lips that isn’t too much and just a flush of color.

so i hope you enjoyed this little post. i know that i have been gone for so long but i’m a full time law student and the exam weeks aren’t fun. i literally lived in the library and only have been at home to sleep. i haven’t been shopping for almost 6 weeks, i haven’t been on a night out for ages, i just lived for uni and on tuesday i will be done with my first semester. its crazy and i know that i won’t be used to the free time that i will have but i can’t wait to do more on my blog and my channel. thank you so much for staying with me throughout the past months. i love you to pieces and missed you a lot.


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