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Essie Nail Polishes; around 8€ each

i don’t know about you guys but i have a love hate relationship with nail polishes and painting my nails. i love cute nail designs and and all the pretty colors but i don’t like my nails at all. they just don’t look nice and i might get them done any time soon because i want them to look good and finally enjoy painting them but even though i’m not a big fan of my nails i have a lot of love for essie nail polishes. they have the biggest color range, the bottles with cute white lid are just adorable and the quality is amazing and they are still not as horribly over priced as o.p.i nail polishes. 
today, i felt like sharing my love for essie nail polishes with you and show you my three favorites that i reach for all the time and i would recommend looking at next time you are at the essie counter in your local drugstore.

from l. to r.

Essie Watermelon: this is actually the best color for the upcoming seasons. its a bright pinky red color that really looks like a watermelon. its super shiny and fun to look at and such a great pop of color. i wear mostly monochrome outfits and this just looks nice with everything. my good friend charlotte got it for me when i finished my exams because its her favorite color- so now we are basically nail polish twins.

Essie Lapiz of Luxury: i actually got this back in when i was in new york because essie polishes are just way cheaper. its a lilacy pastely blue. pastels are just perfect for spring and this one is my favorite at the moment. it look very sattle, very laid back and works with every outfit and make up.

Essie Cute as a Button: this is one of my all time favorites which i bought last summer. its a true coral color which looks nice with a tan and without. huge plus because i’m not tanned at all. i just love me some coral and its super fun and perfect for spring.

i just love the quality of essie polishes. one coat is perfect, they dry really quickly and just look awesome. i really want to know what your favorite essie color is because i need some new in my collection. love you.


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