Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Fantasy of Flowers

Mac Mineralize Eye Shadows; 23€

you guys know that i'm a mac addict. its just my favorite make up brand and the fact that my latest posts had all something to do with mac kinda speaks for itself. normally, i don't go crazy over limited editions but when i got an e mail that mac launched their fantasy of flowers collection, i couldn't resist having a look at it and a little treat slipped into my shopping basket.
the collection was split into two parts and was basically a spring collection with a lot of pastels and pinks probably inspired by flowers and they had such beautiful colors. especially the lipsticks were amazing but they sold out so quickly that i wasn't able to get my hands on one but instead i went for with mineralize eye shadow wheel because i love mac eye shadows, i really want create my own mac palette and those colors were just so beautiful to resist.

the colors that come in the wheel go from a pastely lavender to a light pink into a light golden brown and a even darker golden brown. all the colors are shimmery because they are mineralize eye shadows and have the same powdery consistency as macs mineralize skin finishes or blushes would have but the pigmentation is awesome and once i've applied a base onto my lids theres no fall out just this beautiful shimmer and sparkle which adds such a lovely texture to my eye make up.

i feel like this wheel i made for traveling. it contains enough colors to create different looks for an every day basis. they are, as all mac eye shadows, super easy to work with and easy to blend and to build up.
i quite like this wheel and i'm happy that i got it even though it would be more versatile if there was one matte color but i'm still impressed with this little pot of colors.
have you got your hands on something out of the collection, if so, let me know how you like it. love you.




  1. The shades are so gorgeous !

  2. Hallo du Liebe :)
    Du hattest mir einen Kommentar zu meinem Layout geschrieben.
    Weiß ja nicht, ob du die Antwort liest, deshalb noch mal hier: den Kommentar fix unter dem Facebook-Beitrag posten. Meinte nicht den Blogeintrag. :)
    Einfach kopieren und einfügen - ist ja schnell erledigt!
    Musst diesen Kommentar auch nicht freischalten, bzw kannst ihn löschen. Wollte dich nur darauf hingewiesen haben! :)
    , Sabrina

  3. I have seen a few items from this collection and it's full of gorgeous shades.


  4. These shades are lovely!


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