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there are certain products that are basically hyped since ever, that everyone and their mother tried and that everyone had on their wish list at some point or bought it even though it might be over priced. a lot of people save up their money or have it on their christmas list and some just can not justify spending a ridiculous amount of money on beauty products. i do spend more money on make up than the majority of my friends would but i still love getting a great dupe because i know how painful it can be to spend so much money on one product and a lot of people simply can not afford the original product. one of those always hyped products is the nars orgasm blush. everyone seems to love it and i jumped on the band wagon back in october 2012 when i was in new york and loved it since. recently, i came across an amazing dupe that i just need to show you so everyone can rock the nard “orgasm” look.

the dupe that i found is by sleek and the shade is called rose gold. a few months ago i ordered some sleek blushes and was amazed by their quality and when i opened rose gold it just looked to like my nars blush which was super expensive. they are both rosey pinky coraly blushes with golden shimmer that just make you look super awake and fresh. the perfect blush for every make up look. i think the picture really speaks for itself. the shades completely look alike, the only thing is that orgasms golden shimmer is probably not as strong but it isn’t really obvious to me. the quality is the same. the sleek blush is just as pigmented as the nars one and looks the same on the face and it stays put all day.

i was super surprised when i found rose gold. it literally is orgasm but for only 5€ instead of 30€ for the blush only or 37€ for the duo. an amazing bargain and it looks amazing on the cheeks. right now its my go to blush and i know its one that is affordable for everyone of you out there. so give it a go. let me know of you tried it or if you have any products that you want me to find a dupe for. i think this is actually the best dupe i’ve ever came across.
hope you have a lovely evening and thanks for the feed back on my new video series. it made me super happy and will keep on doing them for you. love you.


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