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Sleek Blushes

Sleek Blush; 5,50€ each

as you know from my previous post, i ordered some sleek products to add more blushes to my make up collection because i only had a few and literally only one that i really loved using. a lot of beauty blogger raved about them and i wanted to try them out myself because 5,50€ i a total bargain. for some reason german drugstores decided to not stock any nice blushes and i'm just so glad that i found an online store were i can stock up on sleek blushes. i couldn't wait to play with new colors on my cheeks and just add something more to my every day make up and now i finally tested all of them and i can't wait to show you the beautiful colors.

Pixie Pink & Rose Gold

the first two colors are more on the pinky side. the first one is pixie pink a matte bright pink that is so highly pigmented that a little dap of it goes a long adds that lovely pink flush to your face like you've just been out in the cold and it works awesome with the highlighter from the contour kid that i just reviewed.
the other one is rose gold that claims to be a dupe for nars orgasm. its a pinky coraly color with gold shimmers. it is the most perfect everyday cheek color. the shimmer adds such a lovely glow to my skin and works great with every single make up. to me, its a bit more coraly than orgasm which i just love. 

Suede & Pomegranate

the last two color are some i'v never tried as a blush before. the first one is suede. its a earthy peachy blush color. its a matte and it makes the face look so bronzy and fresh. it looks great with red lipstick for some reason. even though its a more laid back color it still looks awesome with almost every make up and off course, highly pigmented.
the next one is a color that i was so excited about. its a deep rich red almost plummy shimmery color. this one is perfect for fall and winter and amazing if i want to go all out with my cheeks. i'm so in love with and rock it all the time.

here are my new sleek blushes. they go on so well and are super, super pigmented. if you haven't try them you need to give them a go. they are just awesome.




  1. I really wanna try the Sleek blushes, they look so gorgeous !

  2. I love Sleek blushes! They're so cheap xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  3. Such great pigmentation! I've never tried Sleek blushes, but these look like they're worth it.


  4. Totally agree about German drugstores stocking horrible blushes, they're all ridiculously unpigmented. I absolutely love Sleek blushes, especially "Flushed" :). My next ones to try are "Rose Gold" and after seeing your swatch, "Suede" ;).

  5. I love sleek blushes! They're so pigmented and wonderful!
    Eden from edenroses xx

  6. I love Sleek blushes, Rose Gold is definitely my favourite :) x


  7. I love Sleek so much like after using their blush I don't see the point of buying expensive ones anymore because for this price you get such a nice quality!


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