Welcome 2014 + New Youtube Channel

happy, happy new year everyone. i hope you had a great night full of giggles and fireworks. i can’t believe that a whole year of blogging is over and i can not wait for more to come. 2013 had been great for me and have been really lucky which makes me get super excited for the future.
there might be some confusing things going on on my blog. i told you, i wanted to do a make over which means new blog name and a new e-mail and stuff. google+ is just so annoying but i have to deal with it right? so please excuse the mess that going on right now. with that being said, i also made a new youtube channel and i renamed myself on all social networks and stuff and i hope everything will work soon. but i would love if you guys check my new channel out:

so, again, i wish you all the best for 2014 and let me know your new years resolution. i love you.


Hello Lovely!

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