Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Naked Eyes

in my las post i showed you the newest addition to my make up collection. the lovely naked 3 palette and off course, i started playing with it right after i showed you my first impression and i have to say, i'm in love with it. the colors are so versatile, so easy and lovely to work with and totally different from the other naked palettes and i feel like rosy tones suit my skin tone really well and they are so pretty to look at but i think i should stop rambling and show you my day time look with my new naked 3 palette.

the palette comes with samples of all the primer potions which is awesome. i used eden as a base. after that i used strange with a flat shader brush and put it over my entire lid. after that i worked nooner into my crease. its a lovely rosy taupe and a matte shade, perfect for that and i blended it out with a blending brush. to add some more color i mixed dust and burnout and dapped it over the lid and thats it. perfect for an every day look. off course i used black eye liner.

i hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. i wanted to do one with the darker colors on this palette, if you want to see that, please let me know. i'm super busy at the moment but i'm doing my best to keep my blog and my channel updated. love you guys.




  1. Nice look !

  2. ooh lovely! you make me want the naked 3 palette now!


  3. SO pretty! Lovely fresh, spring-like make-up :)

    P.S check out my nail art/polish giveaway sweetie!

  4. Love this look! I must get more use out of my naked 3 palette!

  5. I love the idea of wearing pink eye shadow - not something I normally think about! Very pretty!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  6. Lovely look! Love how it is so simple yet brings out your eyes. =) Like your blog too- having lots of fun reading your posts! xx

    Beautee Beauty


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