Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

{Blogmas 2013} change

i use my laptop daily. for work, for uni, for my personal joy but i've noticed that my old and trusty laptop has been really,really slowly, it just stopped working when i was editing pictures or doing stuff for uni and i new i needed a change. i wasn't able to carry my laptop to uni, it was too heavy and just too old. so i started saving up and now i was finally able to buy myself a brand new macbook pro which looks awesome with my phone. i have to get used to it but i love it. i can't wait to work with it and enjoy it. its just awesome and i'm proud.




all your lovely comments really make my day. i may not reply to everyone but trust me, my heart is filled with joy whenever someone of you is writing me.
feel hugged. ♥

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