Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

Blogmas 2013

i still can not believe that it is december now, my favourite time of the year. i just love everything about december, feeling festive, present shopping, baking, all the beautiful lights and being around your loved ones. the season of giving right? i feel i haven't done a chatty post in a while, so here we go.

because i wanted to enjoy and celebrate december alot this year, i decided to do blogmas which is something like vlogmas but on my blog. i will try to blog every single day till christmas and i can not wait. i will probably do alot more chatty and "what i'm up to" post along with my beauty related posts that will just be a bit more festive.

so, my blog will still get a make over and so will my youtube channel. new layout and blog name included. i really want to do alot of videos that match my posts because i always forget about my channel and thats not very nice.

anyway, i will do blogmas 2013 and i hope you guys will like it and be here with me every day. love you.



  1. I also love december because of the same reason...and because of snow, but there's no snow until now :(

  2. Oh yeah - December is a magical time of the year! I love it too and can't wait for your blogmas! :)

    Please click the links in this post or just a banner that is in the sidebar on the right.

  3. I love December too and I can't wait for your blogmas xx

  4. I love december, too, the festive time is just so lovely! :) Looking forward to seeing blogmas on you blog :) xx

  5. December is also my favourite month of the year, especially since my birthday is near Christmas :). Can't wait to read your blogmas posts! :).

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