Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

{Blogmas 2013} New Look Haul

Heart Blouse 17,99€; Furry Jumper 22,99€
sometimes i really fall in love with certain shops and i only want to spend my money, which i earn all by myself, in these shops. i was out for a pre chistmas dinner with a good friend of mine at vapiano at kudamm in berlin. great place to eat and go shopping if you're planning on coming to berlin and after our lovely meal we decided to have a little wander and went to some stores. there isn't actually a new look in berlin but a warehouse on kudamm stocks some of the new look items and me and my friend fell in love with it a while ago and this time the stuff they had in stock were perfection. i didn't get alot because its christmas season which means spending money for other people but a girl need to treat herself, right?

so, i am obsessed with all the furry jumpers and cardigans right now and they had an awesome selection. i own a black one from h&m and really wanted to get another one because they look so cute and keep me warm. they had such a great selection of furry jumpers, some of them were cropped and cute little cardigans and i tried every single furry item on. in the end i went for the off white one. its super comfy and soft and looks great on. i also sized up because i wanted it to be extra slouchy.

everyone rocks the heart shirts at the moment. i know the original is from burberry but who can affort a burberry shirt? this one from new look is so nicely made, really laid back and it fits great. its not too baggy and not too long and it surely can be worn with leggins. its one of those pieces that will always make you look dressed, if that makes any sense. i imagine it to look awesome with a necklace and some cute boots.

i really, really fell in love with new look once again and i'm beyond sorry that there was no post yesterday. i just got confused with the dates haha. this one should have been yesterdays post but anyway, i hope you don't mind.



  1. Mhhm those cardigans look so warm and fluffy!

    Sharlotte xxx

  2. They look really nice !

  3. Ich mag beide Oberteile sehr gerne, vorallem der Pulli sieht so kuschelig aus, den hätte ich auch sofort mitgenommen und ich bin mir sicher, er hält bestimmt super warm. Was ja bei dem kalten Winter derzeit, wirklich was tolles ist ;).

  4. I adore both of these items! You're so lucky having a couple of their things in Berlin! :) xx

  5. Ah I want both, the fluffy jumper is just too cute!

  6. love reading you blog :)
    sorry to spam but do you mind checking out my giveaway on my blog :) x

  7. love the black shirt



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