{Blogmas 2013} Naked 2

Urband Decay Naked 2 Palette; 45,48€ via BeautyBay.com
i think i talked alot about my beloved naked palette which i bought in new york last year. its ust beautuiful and i love it but shortly after being back in germany, i was a little mad at myself that i didn’t got the naked 2 aswell. everyone was raving about it and its alot of peoples favourite out of them two. theres no actual store that stocks urban decay in germany, so i wasn’t able to have a look at it and i didn’t know any online store were i could buy it but after almost one year in the blogger world, i found shop such as beautybay, hqhair und such. they stock them and ship them to germany but the naked 2 palettes sell out so quickly that i had to wait a long time. i few weeks back, i had the chance to pick it up and i was beyond excited when i finally found the parcel on my desk.
first things first, the packaging is lovely, i would say its a hard plastic box with a huge mirror and the 12 shades inside. i think it looks way better than the naked 1 palette. much more elegant and the velvety box of the first one looks kinda nasty after some time. it comes with a brush. one side is a flat shadow brush, the other side is a soft blending brush. 3 of the shades are matte, the rest is either shimmery oder glittery but in a really settle way. this naked palete is alot more cool, more taupey shades. really lovely and something that i see myself reaching more to. the naked 1 is just really warm and i feel like i would rather pick something cool toned and taupey, now that i have both.
foxy: foxy is a more yellowy, nudey tone which could be great as a transfering color in the crease or as a little highlight. its matte and quite sheer, so its almost not visible. i’m so sorry.
half baked: half baked is a shade from the naked 1 palette. a really soft and shimmery gold color. a really richly pigmented gold. one of my favorite shades from the naked 1
bootycall: this is a shimmery champagne color which picks up the light in such a beautiful way. great as a base color and probably the most versatile.
chopper: chopper is the only shade that is really glittery. its a rose gold/bronzy tone and look awesome. its again really pigmented and i can’t wait to play with it.
tease: this is a matte true taupe. perfect for the crease or as a base. 
snakebite: snakebite is a shimmery golden brown which looks like shimmery chocolate when its on the skin. this would be great for a brown smokey eye.
suspect: suspect is more on the shimmery gold side but its not a true gold. its more metallic and way coler. almost a mix between gold, silver and taupe. very unique shade.
pistol: this is a dark metallic shimmery silver. this is perfect for a cool smokey eye and imagine it to be perfect for a new years eve tutorial.
verve: verve is a very shimmery silver. i think it would look awesome with pistol.
ydk: this is a really unique shade and really hard so describe. its some kind of shimmery rose gold with cooler and deeper undertones which make it appear really dark and rich. i have no idea if that makes any sense but i really love it.
busted: this is such a lovely rich and deep brown. i think it would look great with the color tattoo in on and on bronze.
blackout: last but not least; blackout. a rich and matte black color.
all in all, i’m so in love with this palette. awesome shades that are super easy to work with, they blend great and the pigmentation is just fab. the hard platic packaging look better to me and the huge mirror is a plus. i think i might like this one better than my original naked palette. do you own this baby or do you plan on getting it? now, i can’t wait for the naked 3. i really want to get my hands on this baby aswell…i’m just a naked addict.

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