Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

{Blogmas 2013} Gift wrapping

i just love wrapping gifts, making them look awesome and keeping up the surprise. unwrapping them is just such a joy. a few days ago i had to wrap in some presents because i was going out for a christmas dinner with a friend. off course i bought a present for her and because i had to wrap some, i just wrapped all gifts i bought so far. i could spend hours and hours wrapping them and i just had so show you the result.

i really love getting wrapping paper and little tags for the gits. primark has an awesome selection at the moment. its so super cheap and such cute designs. i couldn't wait to use them and now i finally had the chance to do so. my cat was my little helper. isn't she sweet?

i love using bows and just make the gifts cute looking. i think everyone will be happy when they get a really nicely wrapped gift and primark really has be best stuff and its so cheap. my friend really loved the gift i gave her and the way i wrapped it which made me really happy.

have you started wrapping gifts yet? and do you enjoy it as much as i do?



  1. This is adorable !

  2. So cute! I cannot wait to start wrapping my gifts :)


  3. Your gifts look gorgeous!


  4. I wish i enjoyed Gift Wrapping as much as you!!


  5. I love wrapping, it's possibly my second part of Christmas after buying presents of course. Happy blogmas x



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