Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

{Blogmas 2013} Festive Room Details

one of my favourite things about the festive season is decorating and my mom and i got really into it, i literally bought all my deco pieces in october because i was so excited to make my room look nice and cosy. i really wanted to make my office area a bit more christmassy and got these two, lush smelling candles at primark and i also have my chocolate advent calender, so i can have a treat once a day which is always handy when i'm studying.

my family always gets a real christmas tree but we don't decorated until december 24, so i wanted my own little one to decorate it early. i got this one at ikea and all the bobbles and fairy lights at primark. primarks christmas decorations are awesome and such a bargain. it looks so awesome and really brightens up my room. having a mini christmas tree is just awesome.

and i wanted to make my bed a bit more cosy and got this cute fluffy bedding from primark. its just the softest thing ever and i love it alot. i also put some fairy lights around my bed frame which match my sheets. its just sooooo lovely and would love to cuddle up in my bed all day long.

this is probably the first festive post i did and i'm just loving my room all festive and lovely. i would love to see your festive rooms. lets all be festive together.



  1. thank you for stopping by at my blog, and of course I follow you *_*
    your blog is so cute and well designed and I feel good reading and looking at it!
    btw I love this festive time, I still have to decorate my room, I think I will do it this weekend :D

    Alice's Pink Diary
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  2. aw it's a winter wonderland! I love it!

  3. Aww this is so cute x

  4. I love your little pillows! This is so cute ad festive! I definitely need to make my room more festive! x

  5. all so cozy and festive, loving it :)

  6. Beautiful post <3 Those candles sound divine!

    Sophie xox soinspo


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