{Blogmas 2013} Daniel Sandler Eyeliner

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner in Grey Velvet; 11,59€* buy here
i have to admit that i’m not really into eyeliner pencils. i always go for liquid or gel eyeliner as i find them easier to work. when this one was send to me i wasn’t quite sure about it. daniel sandler was something i wasn’t really familiar with and after some online research, i found out that quite a bunch of people like the liquid blush by that brand which i haven’t tried either but since i really liked the color i wanted to give an eyeliner pencil a go. something i normally don’t get for myself.
the eyeliner claims to be long lasting and waterproof. it also promises to have a really smooth texture and we all know that theres nothing worse than an eyeliner pencil that has to be rubbed on the lid or the waterline and still doesn’t work.
first off all, i really like the color. i find black eyeliner on the waterline to be too harsh, at least on me. thats probably why i was really pleased with this color. its more of an ashy washed out grey and it is really smooth. it goes on really nicely. super smooth and easy. i only used it on my waterline because it can’t do my lid eyeliner with kohl pencils. it just not my cup of tea.
it added a little something to the eye look without looking strong or harsh which is a big plus. normally eyeliner on my waterline always end up as panda eyes. thats probably why i don’t buy alot of eyeliners. but this one stayed were i wanted it to be. a huge plus.
all in all, this eyeliner is a really nice one. its super smooth and the color is pigmented but just not too strong which i really like. i still wouldn’t have bought it for myself. mainly because i’m not into eyeliner pencils but if you like them, give this a go. it just is a really nice eyeliner.
have you ever tried any daniel sandler products? and if so, did you like them?

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