{Blogmas 2013} A Cracking Duo

A Cracking Duo by Mavala*; 10,55€ buy here
i’m a beauty addict, quite obviously, but theres one thing i just can’t do: nail art. i love how people design their own nails with cute designs. i’m happy that i can paint my own nails on one color without looking like a hot mess, it took me alot of practice though, but i still love nice nail polishes and keep buying them eventhough i‘m not able to do any cute nail designs. when this lovely duo got sent to me, i was really excited about the packaging. it looks like a present itself and i imagine it to be such a cute little gift for someone or even something cute for nikolaus day which is on demeber 6…but i’m not sure if everyone celebrates it. anyway, i couldn’t wait to give them a go eventhough it took me almost an hour to paint my nails for the pictures and they still look messy…
the mavala cracking duo contains two mini nail polishes. a dark, vampy burgunsy purple called mexico and miami, a milky pastely pink. both colors that work really good together and can be easily worn together, big plus. i also find mini nail polishes quite handy as the brush really reaches the bottom part of the bottle and its just not as much product. it might be almost empty before it dries in the bottle. its just not as much of a waste. i really liked th pigmentation. i only put on one coat of each color and it they are such rich and shiny colors. i just prefer mexico because its a great festive color and i love wearing dark nails in winter and mexico just looks great on and matches everything. nail polish always chips fast on me, doesn’t matter if i spend 3€ or 30. it just happens and after two days this one starts chipping but that doesn’t bother me. no nail polish i own stays on longer eventhough i use top coats.
the only downside of the polish is that the bottle itself without the cute packaging looks quite tacky. it has a horrible silver lid and is just not very pretty but the nail polish itself is very good, much better than i expected it to be.
if you’re looking for a cute little gift or a set of polishes to try out, these ones will be a good choice. eventhough the bottle isn’t as pretty but i don’t mind that. after all, its about the result on you nails.
i’m getting into blogmas and i love it. thanks for your great support so far and i hope you have an awesome day.

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