{Blogmas 2013} Christmas Rituals

buying christmas presents is one of the best things about december and wrapping them in is just so much fun and i love doing it. every year i get my mom and my grandma, both won’t read this because they just don’t read my blog, some nice stuff to take care of their skin or enjoy a great bath. my mom just works alot and she always takes a long bath on sunday and she just loves any kind of soap or bubble baths. last year i made her fall in love with lush so i wanted to get her some products she never tried before.
i work at an outlet mall where they have an awesome rituals store. if you never heard of rituals, its basically a store where you can buy anything bath, skin care and home scent related. they have some kind buddhism philosophy and recommend alot of their products together as some kind of “ritual” to do once a week. spa time for your body and soul. the shop is just awesome. i could spend hours there.
so i picked up some products to give to my lovely mother and grandma.
first off all, i love the bright and fun colors and the packaging of every product. just beautiful. first thing i got, is the energy bubbles bubble cream bath from the ayurveda line. the whole line has the indian rose scent which is nothing like a sickly fake rose scent or anything. its very light, very fresh but still intensive but not overwhelming or sickly strong. perfect for a long bath. it creates tons of really soft and great smelling bubbles that make your skin feel super soft and just like you just used some kind of lotion. i can not wait to borrow this one from my mom to take a bath myself.
i also got the body lotion from the ayurveda line, with the same indian rose scent that you just have to smell. its beyond awesome. so, this body lotion is super, super moisturizing and it just made my skin feel so soft and just good. you only need a bit of it and its not sticky. huge plus. i really want to get this one for myself.
so these are awesome. they are foamong shower gels in happy buddha, which smells more like tangerines , and yogi flow, its also from the ayurveda line so it smells like indian roses. well these are just little wonders. you can use them on dry or wet skin and they basically look like deodorant bottles but the shower gel comes out clear and as soon as you start rubbing it into the skin, it becomes a rich and thick foam. its super soft and feels so much better than just regular shower gel. it makes the skin super soft and the smell off both is awesome. i’ve really never tried anything like this before and i already like them alot better than normal shower gels. if you‘re going to a rituals store anytime soon, try them!
so, these are the beautiful pieces i picked at rituals to give them to my family and i really want to go to rituals again and get tons of stuff for myself. i just love rituals. 
maybe this has given you an idea what to get your loved ones at christmas or which shop you could check out. i hope you’ll love rituals as much as i do.

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