{Blogmas 2013} Christmas Cookies

theres no christmas without yummy christmas cookies. my grandma and i always get together in early december to spend hours and hours baking christmas cookies because everyone loves them. its a fairly old recipe. my great grandma used to make them every december and i just love keeping up family traditions. they do look simple but they are so yummy and super easy to make. so lets get started.
you will need:
500g flour 
250g sugar
200g butter
2 eggs
1 tbsb baking soda
1 pack vanilla sugar 
some extra cinnamon, if you want 
get a huge bowl and put all the ingredients in it. the butter need to be room temperature, the dough will be easier to mix. pre heat the oven to 180° degrees celsius.
i prefer mixing the dough with my hands because cookie dough is fairly thick and its just easier. if it gets to sticky use some extra flour and you can also use it to get rid of dough sticking on your hands…or you can eat it. when its all mixed and kneaded together, put it on a plate and but it in the frige for a few minutes. it easier to work with the dough when its a little cold.

when the dough cooled down, get it out of the fridge and cut a slice off, get a rolling pin and start to cut out the cookies. if the dough is still a bit sticky, get some extra flour. the dough has to be really, really thin. otherwise the cookies won’t get crispy, make sure that its thin and nice. the dough i really yummy by the way…i could easily eat all of it. put the cookies onto a cookie sheet and put them into the oven. keep them in the oven until they are golden brown and crispy.
if you want to, you can add some extra cinnamon to some slices of the dough. it will make them a bit darker and just extra yummy. if you like decorating cookies, go ahead but i prefer them plain and as they are. they are addicting and will make you kitchen smell awesome.
that is my cookie recipe. give it a go, it is super easy and the cookies are awesome. i hope you’re having a lovely december so far, love you.

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