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{ Make Yourself Up } Winged Eyeliner

the winged cat eye look. its a beautiful make up look and my go to. i wear it every day and its such a huge make up trend for a long time. i know that alot of people struggle with doing it just because its just so hard to do the perfect flick or to make both lines look the same and i have to admit: i wasn't able to do it the i way i wanted it to look like for a long time, until i found a cat eye picture on tumblr which showed an awesome technique to create the perfect winged eyeliner and its soooo super easy and fast and when i tried it myself, i knew i had to share this with you.

so what you do is, grab your favourite liquid eyeliner and draw a line which is some kind of extension to you waterline. just use it as a guide for the line and just make it how long or how extreme you want your winged eyeliner to be. then you connect the line you just did to you upper lash line so you get a kinda weird looking triangle shaped thing which you easily can fill in with your eyeliner and you can create the thick line on your upper lash line, the way you want it to look like and you're done. it literally always looks perfect and this is how i do my winged eyeliner all the time and i never mess it up.

so, i hope you enjoyed my quick little tutorial. i was just so excited to share this awesome way to create the perfect winged liner with you guys. i love you.



  1. This does made an huge difference in every make up, I'm a fan!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know,
    Hugs :)

  2. Great post! I wear winged eye liner every day - I would feel naked without it now!

  3. love winged eyeliner! and it looks beautiful on you ♥

  4. I do it this way too :) sometimes they still end up looking different though haha xx

  5. I've only recently learned how to do a winged liner, and I agree that it isn't as hard as it looks with some practice! Great tips! :)


  6. love this eyeliner on you!

  7. This looks beautiful on you, I do my winged eyeliner a little bit different but this is definitely a great way as well. :)

  8. The eyeliner is gorgeous! Love the way you smudged it into your bottom lashes.


  9. Love this way of doing eyeliner. I always used to struggle with winged eyeliner but practice makes perfect!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  10. I love the look of winged liner but no matter how much practice I do I can never make both of my eyes the same! It's so frustrating and I always end up ruining my entire makeup whenever I try haha

    sundays grace blog

  11. I can never get my wings to look just right, I'm so going to try this tomorrow when I do my makeup you make it sound so easy!

  12. What a cool post! Fab blog, may have to return to stalk you more!


  13. great tutorial! the winged tip is always a winner


  14. Long live the cat eye. This is really my everyday look. I just love it.



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