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The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Toner; around 5€

i think, i mentioned that before but i wanted to build up a real skin care rountine for myself this year as i as always really lazy about my skin which made it look horrible sometimes. i still don't know alot about skin care and i'm really not an expert in that genre. i just try to find out what my skin might need and test out different products to find my personal favourites.

i would say my skin is a mixed skin type. it is oily sometimes, like on my nose and around my chin. thats where i always have to deal with blemishes and black heads but at the same time it gets really, really dry on my cheeks and forehead which means i need skin care items that work with blemished skin but still moisturize my skin well enough.
i work at an outlet mall where we have a the body shop outlet store. it was my moms bithday and i got her some body shop stuff when i saw the tea tree toner. tea tree oil was always something i found really helpful with blemished skin and couldn't resist picking it up as it was only 5€.

tea tree oil i really well known for its effect on blemished skin. it really helps to absorb the oils and makes blemished fade faster as it basically clears out the skin.

the toner comes in a quite huge 250ml bottle and has a really lovely smell. it does smell like tea tree oil but its a really light clean smell. it promises to give a clearer looking and mattified skin.
i use it twice a day on my nose and chin as i don't want to dry out my already dry skin on parts of my face where i don't have oily skin. just a few drops on a cotton pad are enough to put on the face which means the bottle will last a really long time.

after a few weeks of using it daily and completly including it in my skin care routine, i have to say my oily areas are less oily and just look and feel soooo much better. alot of my blemishes faded soooo fast and whenever i felt like i might get a spot, i put a little bit of the toner on it and it wasn't there anymore on the next day. i just love how a natural ingredient does such an amazing job. i do use other items out of the tea tree range from the body shop and i think they do help too but the toner is just by far my favourite.

if you have problems with oily or blemished skin, the toner is something you should have a look at anytime soon. it works great but is still gentle.

i hope you guys enjoyed my little review. if you want to see and review on all the tea tree products, please let me know. i also started uni and i looove it. if you want to, i will to a "whats in my uni bag?" post or something else uni related, please let me know. love you.





  1. Their tea tree range is truly my all time favourite.
    Like I just can't live without my face mask and tea tree oil!
    And the smell is so clean and fresh I love it!

    And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, love you! xx

  2. I have some other product from their tea tree line and its awesome. now I really want to try this one as well! lovely post :)

  3. This looks so nice, I really want to try it now! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. I've been wanting to try it for ages, it sounds really good! :)

  5. This sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to research some tea tree oil products. I have super dry skin though, so I'm a little hesitant on using products that can cause even more drying.

  6. This product sounds great, I really want to try it! I use tea tree oil already but just a very concentrated version and tab a little onto a blemish occasionally.

    You have a lovely blog, I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x

  7. I have tried their Tea Tree skin line as well I was
    pretty satisfied c: Xx

  8. I swear by this toner I love it! I also use the mattifying pore minimiser - the body shop is so good!


  9. It looks very nice!

    xx Mounia

  10. interessant! werden wir uns mal genauer anschauen! liebst die twins von

  11. I remember using this years ago, it's not too bad!

    You'd love Alpha-H Liquid Gold. My skin looks super clear when using this.


    Fashionicide | Manchester Fashion & Beauty Blog


  12. This sounds great, I too have combination skin and my nose gets awfully oily so I really want to try this out! I smelled this instore and it smells so fresh and nice too!


  13. This sounds amazing, I'll have to give it a go!

  14. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I loooove it!
    you look gorgeous, love your style!!! I am your new follower!!
    I would love it if you visit my blog and keep in touch!
    I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY these days, so you can join!


  15. Thank you for showing me this, I am on the look out for some tea tree and especially for my nose a particularly oily area. So cheap a definite by for me
    ps hope you remember be from my old blog fashion dress it you nominated me for an award once :) xxx

  16. I used to use this toner all the time, its really nice for oily skin:) x

  17. The Body Shop Products Are so Good!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. <3

  18. I'm always so scared to use tea tree oil as it smells so strong so I get worried that it'll be really strong for my skin. I swear by the bodyshop though so may have to give this a go.

    Your blog layout is so stunning by the way!

    Love Em

  19. I'm definitely going to try this, I love tea tree oil. €5 is so cheap for a big bottle like that too. Great review!

    - Leanne x

  20. Loving your blog! Follow me on GFC and Boglovin'! <3


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