Maybelline Color Tattoos Part II

Maybelline Color Tattoos 24 hr; 6,85€ each
so, when i was late on the color tattoo band waggon, i knew i would go out and splurge on more of them and guess what, i did! i just couldn’t resist having another look at them when i was at my local drugstore, mainly to get myself some make up wipes. they just have an amazing color selection. eventhough most of the colors are bright colors like blues, greens and violet colors which isn’t what i like to wear around my eyes. i don’t feel like it suits me really well but the colors i really wanted to get were the rose gold color and the bronze and i finally picked them up, to show you and to use on my face and let me tell you, i used them alot.
the first little pot i picked up was the rose gold color which is called ” Pink Gold” and comes out alot, alot darker on the picture (the left one). it is a creamy, rosy pink with a metallic gold shimmer to it which adds alot of dimension to the color and i have to say, i have no color like this in my entire make up collection. when you open up the little pot, the color captures the light so lovely. you can layer on one single coat of it on your lid and you eye make up looks pretty much done, because of the metallic gold shimmer. it adds a special something to the eye look and just makes people focus on you eyes without having a massive eye make up going on. the first time i wore it, two people told me they really like how my eyes look and i really think it was because of the color tattoo.
the second pot i got, is a true bronzy brown color which is called “on and on Bronze”. it is a true bronze color with gold sparkles and undertones which make it look almost red on the picture i took. don’t know why that happened but it is such a beautiful color which comes out so rich and creamy and makes your eyes look alot warmer, if that makes any sense. its so buildable and perfect as a base for a brown smokey eye or even on its own. it is perfect to wear around this time of the year because it is a dark bronzy brown but it doesn’t make the eyes look dull or odd at all.
as the other color tattoos i own, they are so super creamy and easy to put on and build up. they can be really sheer and just a hint of color or full on which is totally up to you and they are super long lasting which is perfect for a long day at work, school or uni and they make your eye make up looking done without putting alot of afford in it in the morning which i really love as i’m not able to do a full on eye look at 6.30 in the morning.
as you can tell by the swatches, the pink gold color just captures the light toooo beautiful and i think its just a flawless color that everyone could rock. the swatches also show how rich the bronze is and i just love it. such a beautiful shade.
i’m just a huge fan of the color tattoos as they make having a great eye make up so easy and they are such bargains. i also heard they do color tattoo pigments and i can’t wait for them to make their way to germany. i so want to try them. i hope you enjoyed my little post and i hope i can get back into posting every other or every three days just to keep my blog updated eventhough i started uni and have to work aswell.
again, thank you soooooooo much for your support. love you, guys.

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