Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

{ Make Yourself Up } Bold Fall Lips

i just can't stop saying how much i love the current season as i love the colors outside, i wanted to transfer them into my make up. again, i don't feel like wearing plum colored lips, i find redy orange lips way more beautiful and isn't it more of a fall color? i know, bold lips aren't anyones cup of tea and i know that some of you might be a little scared to rock them or don't think that they are flattering on you, but i bet they would look great on you and i want to show you how to rock a bright lip color and be confident about it because i was to shy to wear them back in the day. no one ever showed me how to wear them, so here we go. and to all of you who love bold lips as much as i do. don't forget about the oranges in fall. they are just as pretty as the dark reds.

i always wear neutral eyes with bold lips because the "more is more" thing makes me literally look hilarious. so i did my make up as usual with a foundation, concealer and powder that works great for me. i used the wake me up range along with my mac mineralize skin finish. eventhough i do love my pinky blushes i don't like to use them with red toned lipsticks as the colors don't really work together. i went for a peach instead which always makes you look more awake. always a good thing, especially on a monday. after that i primed my eyes and just used a nude brown in the crease to give my eyes a bit more definition and to make the eyeliner stand out a bit more. this time i went for a quite thick cat eye and used lots os mascara, even on the bottom lashes. it just opens your eyes alot more.
whenever i use bright lipstick, i like to use a lip brush to put it on. it gives much more definition to the color and you are able to control the color. i just love it.

i think its just easier to go for neutral eyes when using bright lips and the naked palette by urban decay is just my favourite. naked it the perfect crease color as its matte and just the perfect browny nude. my all time favourite redy orange is so chaude my mac which was actually my first ever mac lipstick. its a matte and really pigmented color and is just the perfect orange color, in my eyes. i love matte bold lips and if you haven't tried it, just pop into your local mac and swatch it. its awesome. i think the best thing to start with bold lips is to build up the color. just add a little color. just as much as you're confident with and when you got used to it, go for more.

so, i know. two tutorials in a row but i just felt so inspired. i hope you enjoyed it anyways. again, if you have any ideas for make up looks i should do, just let me know.
love you.




  1. looks so gorgeous on you! & your skin looks flawless! I like the idea of keeping the bright orange/reds into the fall as well!

    sundays grace

  2. Redy oranges are so pretty for fall time. I can't see myself wearing plum lips either, but any other fall color will do! I like how you wear your bold lips - very wearable for everyone :)


  3. You look gorgeous! I too love my Naked palette. I use the slightly darker matte shade (I can't think of the name for the life of me at the moment) on a daily basis in my crease. I'm someone who is a little intimidated by rocking a bold lip, but I feel like you really show me that they can be a bit more wearable. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Such a pretty colour, I love how you wear it too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. I'm the same with nude eyes and red lips. Other wise I end up looking a bit street walker like. Never tried using a lip brush to apply my lipstick but definitely will after this advice :)

  6. I love the colour of your lipstick, might have to buy one myself! Red lips look so good for an understated autumn look :)

  7. i love peach blushes with red lips too :) I think they compliment each other really well.x

  8. Love love LOVE the lip colour.. Just wish I was brave enough to try it myself! Lovely blog too..



  9. That lipstick really suits you Elena, it's beautiful! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :) I really hope you get a chance to do it! xx

  10. Always love your blog, this post as well as the photos is great!
    You look so gorgeous too!

  11. Love the lop color! So pretty!

    thanks for visiting my blog :)

  12. aww such a cute make-up! You look lovely too!
    Now following your cute blog!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  13. I also love lipsticks, especially bring ones. They brighten up the day :) That color is really good for you and I bet it gets people's attention.

  14. looks amazing on your skin! perfect

  15. Bold lips can never go wrong...
    Love your shirt and how you present your make up tips!


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