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{Halloween Look} Two Faced

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halloween is almost here and eventhough i'm not quite sure if i will be going to any parties, it still excites me alot. my mom just got home with huge pumpkins to carve and i can not wait. alot of youtube gurus do really fancy tutorials with lots of face paint, fake blood and silicone and i do love watching them but i would not recreate them. i just don't want to spend alot of money on face paint and fake blood that i only use once a year and the really fancy make up is just nothing for a party. i bet its gets quite sweaty and i don't want face paint all over my cloths. so i decided to create a simple halloween look with all the make up i still had in my collection and i hope you guys have that stuff too, so you can recreate it yourself. plus you don't even need a fancy costume. just throw on a nice dress, a great pair of heels and you're good to go.
so, i want to focus on the skeleton side of my face. the other side is just a regular make up. just do you normal face rountine on one half of your face and now, lets focus on the "dark side" of the face.
i just used a foundation thats a little light for me, which is a mircale, and applied two coats to make the skin look even lighter. you could totally use white face paint but i really wanted to create a look with stuff i already had at home. then, i took a black eyeliner pencil and drew a circle around my eye and colored in my nose. i also used it to line my lips and made that little chelsea smile with it. to fill in my eye area i used a black gel eyeliner which i applied with a flat eyeshadow brush and i also mixed a shimmery black and navy blue together to give my lid a bit more dimension. to draw the slits on the chelsea smile, i used a liquid eyeliner and i contoured my cheek with black, matte eyeshadow.
and thats it. super simple and you don' have to spend alot of money on halloween make up. i would wear a black dress and really dramatic heels with it and just have alot of fun.
i hope you enjoyed my little look for a halloween on a budget. if you want to, i will do a more fancy look which i planned a few days ago but i thought showing you an easy look first, would be better. i love you guys.  



  1. this is such a cool look, it looks great! xx

  2. ohh this looks amazing! :)

    have you checked out my latest posts?

  3. Love this idea, it looks really effective on you! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. i don't celebrate halloween but i love the costumes and face paintings!

  5. Very pretty! I love the lip makeup.


  6. This is so cool! So much more simple and easy to do compared to some other ones I've seen! Great post! xx

  7. I love how simple and effective this looks, might have to do this for halloween to save me having to buy a whole new outfit!x

  8. How fun! You are gorgeous girl! And this make-up piece is flawless :)
    xo TJ

  9. I love how girly this look is for halloween! xxx

  10. Cool look!

  11. Cool look!:D

  12. you pull the look so good ! :)


  13. This is such a good idea, i have seen the two faced look but not in this style. Hope you had a good halloween.



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