Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Fall Lipsticks

i just love fall time, i love how the leafs get colorful and leave the streets look so bright, i feel like the light in fall is just so pretty and calming. yes, it is one of my favourite seasons and i want to embrace this season as much as i can. 
as you all know, i love my bright lips and rock them all the time and as the seasons change, the lipcolors change too. to start off with october, which is the perfect fall months to me, i wanted to show you my favourite lipsticks for this colorful season. i picked three shades that are, for me, the perfect colors to rock when you want a pop of color on a crisp fall day and i feel they match really, really well with fally colors such as browns, reds and oranges just like the beautiful pumpkins i picked from our garden.

alot of people like to go for plummy colors but they are not really my cup of tea. i feel like they don't fit into the beautiful fall sunlight and its lovely bright colors so i went for more orangy colors as they always remind me of pumpkins, leafs and fall sunlight. they also birghten up the fall storms which i very much needed when it gets all gloomy and wet outside.
i love my oranges and topshops infrared is just the perfect orange to me. its so super creamy and soft and i really buildable which makes it easy for bright lip beginners. it makes my already pale skin look a little bit more tanned and looks great with any basic eye make up. for a more redy orange i love to use my so chaude from mac. its just awesome. super, super pigmented and rich which makes it really stand out and just adds so much color to a plain and cosy fall outfit. i just love my matte lipsticks.
eventhough i'm not a fan of plummy colors, i love wearing a more plummy red such as 107 from the kate moss for rimmel line. it has such lovely purple undertones and fits great into the season, eventhough i like to wear it on night outs and not so much on a daily basis. but the kate moss lipsticks are just brilliant and i feel like a darker red is just perfect for fall.

   i wrote entire reviews about infrared and the kate moss lipsticks

fall is just a great season to wear all your bright lipsticks again since theres no way they will melt off your face like in summer and i always feel like they glam up the cosy and warm day time outfits as i'm a person who loves to layer clothing and look like a little weirdo in my big ass jacket and coats but i just like to be warm and off course, darker, a bit more heavy colors work just great with the the more darker clothing colors which i just love.

i hope you enjoyed my favourite fall lipsticks and i hope its fine with you that i did cut our the plummy colors. if you have any lip colors you love for fall and you feel i should check out, please let me know. i know, i haven't been uploading very frequently. its just univeristy gets in the way buuuuut today i prepared lots of posts so i will be back with another post soon. i love you.




  1. Omg, so nice! Today I searched for the Kate Moss lipstick matte 107. I love that color. Check my new post about my boyfriend! XOXO

  2. Your swatches look so cute haha! :) I love the topshop one, the colour looks nice :) x

  3. The shades are gorgeous ! I want a lipstick pretty much the same shade as the Rimmel London !

  4. I definitely agree with you about the plummy colours, I find them hard to pull off as well :). I really want to try out the famous Kate Moss 107 by Rimmel :) x.

  5. amazing colours! I love the rimmel one! and the mac! can't decide! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  6. I need the kate moss lipstick!! the colour is gorgeous!

  7. I get what you mean with the fall colours and the oranges etc, this was a lovely post to read. I've ordered Macaroon from Topshop to try as I feel it's a subtle colour and if I like it, Infrared is next! I have the Kate Moss one and I love it :)

  8. 107 is just so gorgeous! I really want to get it.

  9. I love the Kate Moss lipsticks! Also, you have an amazing blog layout, so pretty and girly.

  10. 107 is my favourite autumn lipstick! I love the smilie face!


  11. I love Kate Moss 107, it's my favourite red lipstick as I have a more olive complexion. So Chaude looks beautiful, I really want to try it now! x

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  13. i'm a huge fan of red lips :)
    love Rachael


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