September Favourites

first off all, i’m really sorry. i was a bad blogger lately, just because i will start studying law in a couple days and there was so much stuff to, i had to hand in so many things and i visited my campus a couple times and i absolutely love it.
so now that i start studying something, i need a new “office area” in my room now i’m sitting in a messy room because i‘m about to redecorate my entire room. i know that i won’t have as much time for my blog when my semester starts, so i figured i would make myself a little blogging schedule. i hope you guys are fine with that. i just don’t want to leave my blog out of the door step just because i’m about to go to university.
anyway, today, i want to show you the few products and a special event that i loved the past 4 weeks and eventhough they aren’t that many, i hope you enjoy them anyway. so lets jumo right in.
the first products i loved, are featured in my last post. the maybelline color tattoos in permanent taupe and metallic pomegranate. i really used them every single day since i jumped on the color tattoo band wagon. they are super easy to apply wheather they are applied with a brush or with the ring finger. i love their creamy but thick texture and they are so easy to blend which makes them so versatile. the color tattoos are perfect for eyeshadow beginners as they are sooo buildable and easy to use. i love to use them as a base every now and then. permanent taupe is such a great base color for a dusky but neutral eye look and metallich pomegranate is great for more dramatic looks and it is such a perfect fall color. i just love them and i will get more of them soon.
if you haven’t seen my review of them, you can read it here.
the next products are items i forgot about but then i found again and fell in love all over again. the mac studio sculpt was the first ever mac make up i got and i really, really loved it and i was so proud when it was mine. the color i’m using is nw20. it is a high coverage foundation which can easily be build up to full coverage but at the same time its so natural looking and it doesn’t dry out my skin which is awesome. i  use such a tiny amount of this and it covers my whole face and makes my skin look super awesome. i have no idea why i haven’t used it for so long but its a fabulous foundation and if you haven’t tried it yet, just give it a go and try it out at your local mac counter. its amazeballs.
to go with it, i always used the mac mineralize skinfinish in light. its the perfect powder because it covers up the dewyness but it never ever made my skin look cakey or odd and powdery. more like skin but better. its such a glowy kind of matte, if that makes any sense. its literally works great with every foundation i own. 
i probably mentioned this in a post but i’m still in the process of creating the perfect skin care routine for me. my skin gets pretty dry and is really sensitive at the same time, so i wanted to get a extra moisturizing and rich day and night cream to make my skin look and feel better. i love l’oréal as a brand and i always loved their skin care such as their micellaire water.
the hydra active 3 nutrissime is a really rich but sensitive day cream which sinks in immediatly. i love to apply it early in the morning to get my skin ready for applying make up or just for the day. it feels super lovely on, has no heavy scent and goes so well with my dry and sensitive skin. the perfect day cream.
for night cream i needes something that is just a super intensive moisturizer to make my skin recover from a hard day and i got the hydra active 3 night cream just because both creams work hand in hand and again, i always loved l’oréals skin care items.
this cream makes my skin feel so good and just fresh and lovely after i wake up and i really feel like my skin needs that every night because its not nearly as dry as it was. before i used both creams. they just work great for me.
i looooove this mac lipstick. its creme cup which is the perfect nudy pink and its just awesome for everyday make ups. i got it in the beginning of september and i used it so many times. i goes so well with my skin and eye color but i would suggest trying it out. i was at mac with a friend yesterday and she tried it out after she loved it on my and it looked so odd on her. nudes only look good if they work with your skin tone. and creme cup is like make for mine.
i was on the hunt for such a great color for a long time and i haven no idea why didn’t go to mac earlier. mac lipsticks are just perfection.
i wrote an entire review about creme cup here.  
last but not least, my favourite event this months happened yesterday night. i had the chance to go to macklemore & ryan lewis in concert. mainly because i got the tickets in may. i wanted to go there so badly and was so excited. first off all, if you have the chance to go to a macklemore concert, GO. it was sooooo awesome. macklemore is such a beautiful and positive person. hes awesome live and his show was beyond crazy. i loved it so much and was dancing, singing and basically having the time of my life while he was on stage. it was awesome and of course i had to get the skark face gang shirt which is such nice quality. its made in seattle which find awesome. just so much better than i cheap shirt made in bangladesh for 10 cents.
anyway, it was awesome and i really want to see him live anytime soon.
so, here are my september favourites. i hope you enjoyed them, i would love to know what your favourites are. i would love to try out new products. love you guys.

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