Maybelline Color Tattoo

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 h; around 7€ each
i don’t know why i’m always late on the band waggon but the maybelline color tattoos have been out for quite a while and alot, alot of bloggers and youtubers have raved about these gel-creme eyeshadow pots. eventhough i went to the drugstore a houndred times, i never really bought them. i swatched them everytime, looked at them every single time and even had i little color tattoo wishlist in my head but i never, never really bought them untill a week ago. i went to the mall to buy a birthday gift for a friend of mine and needed to buy myself my beloved aussie shampoo when i, as always, stopped by the maybelline counter to have a look at the color tattoos and what really made my buy them this time was the fact that they had the cranberry color in stock, which was on top of my wishlist.
so i got them, tried them and love them and i feel like my collection will keep growing. i also arranged them in a kinda fally/autumny way with self picked pumpkins and apples from our yard.
the color tattoos are basically gel based cream eyeshadow pots. the packaging really, really reminds me of the mac paintpots. the colors are either shimmery or matte which i find to be awesome. they can either be used on their own when you’re having a lazy make up day or as an eyeshadow base and i will use them for both. 
they do promise to be extrem long lasting and should stay on for 24 hours.
right unter the cranberry color was the taupey color on my little color tattoo wishlist. its called permanent taupe and is a matte, as the name says, taupey color. it has a really creamy but thick consistency and i super, super pigmented. you can literally use the tinyest amount and you’ll be good to go.
i find the taupe color to be quite versatile and really easy to pull off. it blends super easily and i already wore it on its own or blended it in the crease and it looked super, super lovely.
the cranberry color is called metallic pomegranate and is a shimmery, burgundy, cranberry color which i find to be perfect for the upcomming season. the color goes on so rich and creamy and is, again, super, super pigmented and  easy to blend. the color is alot more outstanding and i imagine it to be super lovely as a base for a smokey eye and i would love to do an tutorial on this. so if you want me to do one, please let me know.
the pigmentation and consistency of the color tattoos are beyond awesome. i goes on so easily, doesn’t dry out and stays nice and put all day long. i like to use my ring finger to buff the colors onto my lid or a soft blending brush to work it in the crease. they truly are the perfect bases for so many different eye look which probably makes them the most versatile eye make up piece in my collection.
the fact that its possible to get such great eye shadow pots in the drugstore for such great price makes me love them even more.
they are bloody long lasting. i took the pictures two days ago and still see the swatches on my arm and yes, i washed myself. so, you don’t need to worry about your eyeshadow smudging anywhere and they just looke super lovely. i really cherish them and can’t wait to get the other ones.
so if you’re late on the color tattoo band waggon than you really have to jump on with me. they are truly awesome and by far the best drugstore eyeshadow i’ve tried in a very long time.
i hope you enjoyed me being late with the color tattoos and if you want me to do a tutorial with the metallic pomegranate, please let me know. love you.

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