Dienstag, 10. September 2013

{ Make Yourself Up } Hot Pink Lips

its me again, the bright lip lover. as i rock bright lips all the time, i thought it would be quite helpful to show you guys how i do my make up when i want to pull of a bright lipstick. hot pink is something that alot of people maybe don't want to touch as it is just so super florescent and a true "in your face" color but i actually love bright pink lips. such a fresh color that is able to make the dark season a little brighter, eventhough it is one of my favourite seasons. 
i hope you guys enjoy my tutorial, so lets get started:

you can use any foundation you prefer, i went for my rimmel wake me up foundation, erase paste as a concealer and my mac mineralize skinfinish. to bring out the pink on your lips even more, use a pinky blush such as orgasm by nars. for a bright lip look, i like to keep my eyes simple. i used a cream white color on my lid and just blended it a little with a greyish green color. the white will make the eyes look more open and the darker color just created a little more intension. as always, i winged out my eyeliner but i kept it really slim. just to add a little something to my eyes. 
to apply the my lip color, which is jungle juice by p2 from a recent limited edition, i used an elf lip brush. its just way easier to define the lipstick. i love to create really sharp edges when creating a pink lip look

jungle juice is such a bright, vibrant pink. it really reminds me of show orchid from mac which i just can't get. was it part of a limited edition? i would love to get it. blue undertoned fuchsia pinks are just perfect for a nude eye and a night out and they might look scarry sometimes but they work great with all skin tones and make your face look fresh and more tanned. 

off course, it takes a bit of time to get used to bright lips but i hope my little tutorial showed you how you can easily pull off a bright make up.

do you want to see more tutotials, even videos? i would love to do more. a fall look, smokey eyes, what ever you guys want me to do. 





  1. Oooh amazing shade!! <3

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    Davie and Erica

  2. This shade is soo lovely, and really suits you! I don't think I could pull of such a bright lipstick like you!


  3. sieht wirklich wunderschön aus!♥
    und oh- du kommst aus berlin? ich beneide dich! in so einer großstadt zu leben ist sicherlich viel aufregender, als in einem Kaff, tja .__.
    love, http://apricotspie.com

  4. You look amazing ! Love your blog !

  5. You look so pretty!!
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know...
    Hugs :)


  6. That shade of hot pink looks really good on you! I like to wear bright lipstick too so thanks for your tutorial. :) x

    Nerve Wires

  7. This shade of lipstick really suites you! :D I don't want to gush but your hair is absolutely beautiful too haha great look


  8. Gorgeous lip color- you look beautiful! :) x

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  10. You're absolutely stunning! Thats the perfect lip shade on you :)

    Just found your blog and I love it!
    Now following.


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