Montag, 16. September 2013

Hand Candy

h&m rings; big pack of mixed rings, 6,95€ | two pack of midi rings, 2,95€

the last couple months h&m kept disappointing me. i haven't found any nice clothing pieces and the jewelery was massivly over priced. last week i went to a h&m a little out of berlin. mainly because its pretty close to where i live and because my sister needed some fall clothing. the h&m there is just the best i've ever been in. super clean and organized, no clothing on the floor or  crazy mess in the jewelery section, big changing rooms and the biggest and best sale section ever and its never really busy which makes browsing super fun. 
i'm a huge jewelery addict. i own tons of statement necklaces and chunky earrings but i wasn't really into rings lately. but the midi rings or however they are called, are just so cute and i wanted to get my hands on some forever. the h&ms i went to before never had them but the old trusty "out of town" h&m had the best selection and it was love at first sight.

first of all, i'm not a big fan of my hands. they are just too small and chubby and just not elegant looking. they look like kids hands but anyway.
i found a pack of mixed rings, some were midi some regular rings in all different kinds of mettals i loved the twistet rose gold ones and i love how warm toned rose gold is. the rings are super thin which makes them appear very discreet but chic on the hands. i just love to mix alot of thin rings and add an eye catcher such as the diamonty midi ring which came in a set of two. one was that adorable diamonty ring and one with a teeny tiny heart. both gold, one of my favourite metalls.
its such a nice addition to an outfit. i wore this exact hand candy, as i like to call it, to the sheinside dress/top and it looked absolutely awesome.
its nice to don't over do an outfit which is eye catching itself with a whole lot of jewelery but these rings work always.

i never was a huge fan of silver jewelery but the silver rings are just awesome and look great mixed with other metalls. the little fox ring was also part of the huge ring set and looks so cute on. again, its not an "in your face" piece but a lovely little detail. i paired it with a silver and black midi ring and to mix up the metalls i used the diamonty one again. its just my favourite of all.
mixing and matching is just my favourite thing to do, when it comes to rings and midi rings just spice it up so much more. i love it and its just way prettier and all the arm candy as bracelets tend to annoy me trough out the day.

some of my friends described midi rings, which they never saw before, as rings that look like a fat girl tried to wear rings that are too small. sooooo rude! they just don't know fashion right? back to my chubby hands, h&m rings are availabe in different sized so they even fit my chubby fingers. such a great invention.

have you ever tried midi rings? i would love to see you hand candy creation and please tweet my your styles. love you.




  1. Love the rings and that nail polish !

  2. Wow so many gorgeous rings! Love all the midi rings!!

  3. Love these rings, I wear them all the time! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. Never tried them as I'm not a big rings person but they always look lovely on people!

  5. Aw I'm jewellery obsessed too, I love delicate pieces and these are rly lovely! Good finds xx

  6. I love all the mixed metals and definitely want to try out a midi ring now! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xx Hannah

  7. hey I love your blog! Would you like to follow eachother on bloglovin? let me know back on my blog :)

  8. I love midi rings, but I don't have any... wearing rings in general gets on my nerves, they click and whatnot.

    I LOVE your nail polish btw! What is it?

  9. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!!

    I adore these rings, and you have so many! I brought the thicker kind off ebay and they are amazing, would go great with these! xx

  10. Gosh, i'm in love with your blog *.* i'm already following you!


  11. bought them too :) love them, and your nailpolish is amazing!


  12. those midi rings are very cute [:
    i would love to have them as well i might have to check my local h&m as well !


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