Whats in my Make Up Bag?

Bow Make Up Bag from Primark; 3,50€
i guess there are always certain beauty products that are just life savers and that i personally need to have easy access to when i’m out and about. i keep them in my handbag in my little cute bow make up bag that reminded me alot of the ted baker make up bags that are a little more expensive and they are quite hard for me to get. so i went for the primark one. such a bargain and it has enough room to keep all my little life savers. so today, i’m gonna show you what i keep in my make up bag. maybe you’ll see something in mine that you really want to carry around all day. i find these posts quite interesting cause make up bag products are usually those that really safe a day sometimes.
  Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara, Catrice Lip Tint, Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner
Essential make up items which use to touch up my make up with. i really like the maybelline liquid eyeliner as it is really small and has a teeny tiny brush which makes the eyeliner really precised. liquid eyeliners are my go to and such a small bottle is perfect for the handbag make up bag. it is infact really long lasting and saved my eye make up a couple times. as you might know, i wear red lips quite alot and eventhough i use long lasting lipsticks the color fades sooner or later, especially when i’m out for a lunch which means eating and drinking. a lip tint is my life saver. it gives alot of color eventhough it seems quite sheer and dries matte. i don’t have to carry my lipstick as i tend to forget them somewhere and the catrice one is great quality from the drugstore.
mascara is, off course, a must and the catrice one is really lovely to use and having a mascara around is always handy.

  Vaseline Lip Therapy, Figs and Rouge Balm
which girl leaves the house without any lip products?! i don’t know a single one and i carry two lip treatments. the first one is the vaseline lip jelly. typicall treatment that really does wonders on the lips and dry skin. i got this one at primark and love to use whenever my lips feel dry. especially durring the winter months when my lips get super dry. the figs and rouge one is out of one of the endless beauty boxes and i really love it. it smells delicious and does a great job on the lips. it has a very thick consistency and has tiny little peeling pearls in it. its lovely.

 Elf Powder and Mirror, Catrice Oil Absorbing Sheets
sometimes my faces gets a little shiny and i really don’t like that. thats why i carry my elf powder with me. it comes with a sponge and has a really light texture and a huge mirror which i use basically all day. most of the times i don’t like to stuff my face with powder. so i came across oil absorbing sheets which i just put on my face and it mattifyes my skin within seconds. both products are musts in my make up bag.

 Garnier Deodorant, Thierry Mugler Womanity

i’m not a bad smelling person, hopefully, but having some deodorant and perfume in my make up bag is a must. i just like to have them around. some days are stressfull and i just like to have my deodorant somewhere close to me. 
sometimes i forget to use perfume in the morning and when i feel like i need some i just go for my mini womanity. thierry mugler scents are awesome. really intense and sooo unique. alien is one of my favourite scents ever. if you haven’t tried it, give it a sniff.
onto the random things that are still needed. when you’re a girl and its about that time of the months, you don’t want to be unprepared. thats why i always carry some tampons in my bag. its just the worst feeling ever when you don’t have anything with you and these ones are just little samples which i find quite handy. i also have a hair tie with me. my hair got very long and sometimes, i’m just annoyed and put it in a ponytail or bun and some bobby pins off course. they are just musts.
i do carry some glitter with me. i don’t know why. sometimes i like so spread a little glitter on my or somebodies face.
so that is what i carry around in my make up bag on a daily basis. what is in your make up bag? is there anything important i missed in mine? love you.

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