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Maybelline "The Rocket" Mascara

Maybelline "The Rocket" Mascara; 9,95€

i think i just couldn't live without mascara and i love testing new ones and its just not possible to test drugstore mascaras without trying at least one maybelline mascara. i also remeber a maybelline mascara being the first mascara i've ever got for myself when i was around 13. somehow, i kinda forgot about them as i was trying alot of highend mascaras but the "the falsies" my love for maybelline mascaras came back. when i ran out of my falsies i came across the new "the rocket" mascara by maybelline and i really wanted to try it and see if i could love as much as my falsies.

first of all, the packaging is really lovely and appealing to me. i love the bright blue with the vibrant pink writing. it promises instand volume without getting lumpy. the brush is designed for an easy use and to give an explosive volume and black color from the very beginning to the end of the lashes. it is a quite big plastic brush with tons of teeny tiny bristles on and i really, really like big mascara brushes as i find them to work best for me. 

the difference between not using and using it is quite huge. it really gives and instand volume and lengh boost with the first coat and feels like getting longer and more voluminous with every single coat that is put on. i also love how it makes my bottom lashes look and my eyes look quite doll like which i really love. eventhough the brush is quite big it works great for the bottom lashes and doesn't smuge at all. because of the way it builds up it is a perfect mascara for day and night make up and sometimes it really makes my lashes look like false lashes, just awesome but at the same time its not heavy on the lashes at all. at the moment i like it even more than my falsies mascara which is quite unbelievable.

if you haven't tried "the rocket" mascara so far, give it a go. its a really, really awesome mascara from the drugstore for under 10€. such a bargain. just give it a go.

hope you guys enjoyed my review and i hope everyones good. love you.




  1. Ich hoff das ist ok wenn ich hier in Deutsch schreibe :) Die Mascara macht wirklich tolle Wimpern. Ich denk die probiere ich als nächstes! Hab gerade die "illegal length", bin auch sehr zufrieden damit, aber geht zu schnell leer .... Liebe Grüße Jule

  2. This mascara is on my wishlist! It seems so good (:

  3. Heard so many good things about this xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  4. Ahh, heard great things about this but still haven't tried it. Great review, I'll have to pick up a tube!

  5. I love the Falsies too, I may have to purchase this when it runs out though! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  6. I have this and whilst it is nice I probably won't buy it again, I'm not a fan of the plastic end as I much prefer a brush.

    It looks pretty on you though! :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  7. I need a mascara that can give me volume and length, and can hold a curl. I'm looking at this mascara to be next mascara purchase. Hopefully it'll work well for me.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. This is my new everyday mascara! I love it so so so so much!

  9. The photos with the flower are so beautiful! Love it. I am addicted to the falsies mascara too :)

    xo Manon

  10. Wow, that does make them stand out! I'm running out of mascara, I might pick this one up next!


  11. your lashes look great! it does give that false lash effect.

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  12. Die Mascara von Mabyelline finde ich auch immer wieder super. Sie erzielen immer ein tolles Ergebnis. Finde auch bei dir das Vorher- Nachher Ergebnis super. Man sieht einfach den Unterschied ;).

  13. oh, I love the Rocket! Your lashes look totally amazing! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  14. Such a lovely post! I completely agree with you, it's a wonderful mascara and really good value for money!

    Erin, xx


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