Sonntag, 18. August 2013

{ Make yourself Up } Day to Night

i'm one of these people that have to work every week end. i work at retail which means saturdays are the crazy days where all the people who work durring the week want to spend their money. since i started working again in may i never had a saturday off which also means alot of times i have to transform myself from a working girl to one thats is ready for a night out. most of the times i can't make it home before i meet up with my friends. so today, i'm gonna show you how you can easily brighten up your make up if you're also working at the week ends or if you're in a rush before you head to a night out.

on a normal working day, i like to go for a neutral and easy day time make up. i used foundation, concealer and powder as normal, contoured my face with my beloved laguna and used a peachy blush to give my face some extra freshness. for my eyes, i used my nakes palette with buck in the crease and half baked on the inner corner. its just such a pretty golden color and it works so great with my brown eyes. off course, i used eyeliner and mascara and just some burts bees on my lips. i like to keep it simple but chic on a normal working day. so i make sure i look nice but i don't have to worry about my make up and just can mind my business.

really important for me is, that all the items i like using to transform my make up, fit in my make up bag so i can either do my make up right at work when i'm done or i can do it at a friends house when i'm heading there directly from work. to glam up my make up and outer appearance a little more, i used:

tony & guy casual sea salt spray
rimmel kate moss lipstick in 01
astor 24h gel eyeliner

the tony & guy sea salt spray is just my life saver. i just spray it into my hair and give it a scrunch and my hair looks great again. it just adds such nice texture and waves. i just love it and its so easy to use. to give my eyes a little extra, i winged out my eyeliner even more but the focus was on my lips. my make up was quite simple so i wanted to add a pop of color. my lovely kate moss lipstick in 01 added the color and is just such a beautiful red.
the touch up is done in about 3 minutes and its super easy and perfect for a night out.

i hope you guys enjoyed my day to night make up look and maybe you can use this whenever you're rushing somewhere. love you guys.





  1. Beautiful!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin :-)

  2. love seeing people's day to night looks! I agree that a bit of eyeliner and a pop of lip color can really transform any look!

    sundays grace

  3. Toller Post! :) Mir gefällt dein Day Time Make Up ziemlich schön. So hübsch dezent! Das Night Make Up ist auch toll, aber ich traue mich nie an roten Lippenstift.

    Wenn man in der Stadt aufwächst, hat man dazu bestimmt einen ganz anderen Bezug. Für mich, glaube ich, wäre Berlin jedenfalls nichts. Andrerseits ist es schon cool, dass es dort so viel Abwechslung gibt und man immer neue Leute trifft. Auf Dauer könnte ich mir aber nicht vorstellen dort zu wohnen. Ich bin einfach der Typ, der es einfach eher ruhig und beschaulich mag. Wann ziehst du denn um, wenn ich fragen darf?

  4. Beautiful makeup looks (:
    That rimmel lipstick is gorgeous! xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  5. this looks so pretty! I love the toni & guy salt spray! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  6. These looks are lovely! The red lip colour looks gorgeous on you.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. lovely post!
    mind checking out my blog? ♡

  8. I work in retail too, and it's tough getting ready so quickly, but I love adding a bit of contour and the Naked eye shadows are great for quick looks! A red lip is definitely essential. Great tips :)


  9. lovely post. you are definitely so pretty <3



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