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i am a boots girl, no matter what weather it is, i just love chunky big boots that look edgy and i own alot of them and even if i wear heels which normally happens when i’m on a night out, they have to be chunky and edgy aswell. as most bloggers and blog readers know, topashop has an awesome selection of cut-out edgy boots and heels but they are a little over my budget. i just can’t spend over 70€ on a pair of shoes that i have to order and which are hard to send back when i don’t like them or they don’t fit. so, i was on the hunt for them topshop knock off shoes and found them in my beloved primark for such bargain prices.
 Primark Gold Detailed Boots, around 20€
When i stepped into my local primark a few weeks ago i was literally the first and only person in there. i always go so super early in the morning that sometimes the shop isn’t even open when i arrive but this is the most relaxed time to go to a primark trip, when it just opened. a lady in the store was just about to unbox new items when i saw these shoes that she just pulled out of the little wagon that she had with her and i ran over to her to ask for my size. these shoes are soooo topshopy. perfect looking black faux leather boots with tons of golden studds and the gold buckles. i was so amazed as i saw some boots that looked exactly the same at topshop and the price was so amazing. whenever i wear them, people always ask me where i got my boots from and when i say primark, they are beyond surprised. they just don’t like a 20€ pair of boots but i love them.
  Primark Cut-Out Heels; 24€
these are my new babies. after finding the beautiful gold detailed boots i went straight to the shoe section because before i never really got into primark shoes and then i found these. cut-out shoes are so trendy this year and find them really pretty and even really cute for fall time, with some cute socks or something and i haven’t got a pair of heels in forever. i‘m super picky with heels and don’t like most of them but these ones were just the pair of heels i was looking for and they so reminded me of a pair i saw on the topshop homepage and i had to get them. 24€ is such a bargain for a super nice and comfy pair of shoes. the cut-outs look so chic when they are on. just a simple pair of heels with a twist. i wore them a couple times but really want to rock them when i go clubbing because i feel like everyone need to see them and i can‘t cherish them enough. 
so, if you are on the hunt for a good pair of shoes and you may eye a expensive pair of topshop shoes, just have a look at your local primark. their shoe collection is awesome at the moment. and off course, they do have tacky and rubbish looking shoes that i don’t want to pick up but there are so many nice ones and i love these and i’m beyond happy that i didn’t spend a huge amount of money on a pair of topshop shoes eventhough i still like topshop alot.
i hope you guys enjoyed my third dupe search but first fashion dupe search and i’m such a bad blogger but i’m in the weirdest moods right now, i work like a maniac and somehow everything is really messy at the moment. i‘m feeling a bit lost as i don’t know what i want to study yet and just signed in for random thinks that i probably won’t get accepted to, which really scares me, im also planning my moving because i will move out in winter time and my best friend just left for cameroon and my best girlfriend i still in texas…urgh.
anyway, i love you and i hope you enjoyed my post.

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