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{ Dupe Search } Topshop Shoes

i am a boots girl, no matter what weather it is, i just love chunky big boots that look edgy and i own alot of them and even if i wear heels which normally happens when i'm on a night out, they have to be chunky and edgy aswell. as most bloggers and blog readers know, topashop has an awesome selection of cut-out edgy boots and heels but they are a little over my budget. i just can't spend over 70€ on a pair of shoes that i have to order and which are hard to send back when i don't like them or they don't fit. so, i was on the hunt for them topshop knock off shoes and found them in my beloved primark for such bargain prices.

 Primark Gold Detailed Boots, around 20€

When i stepped into my local primark a few weeks ago i was literally the first and only person in there. i always go so super early in the morning that sometimes the shop isn't even open when i arrive but this is the most relaxed time to go to a primark trip, when it just opened. a lady in the store was just about to unbox new items when i saw these shoes that she just pulled out of the little wagon that she had with her and i ran over to her to ask for my size. these shoes are soooo topshopy. perfect looking black faux leather boots with tons of golden studds and the gold buckles. i was so amazed as i saw some boots that looked exactly the same at topshop and the price was so amazing. whenever i wear them, people always ask me where i got my boots from and when i say primark, they are beyond surprised. they just don't like a 20€ pair of boots but i love them.

  Primark Cut-Out Heels; 24€

these are my new babies. after finding the beautiful gold detailed boots i went straight to the shoe section because before i never really got into primark shoes and then i found these. cut-out shoes are so trendy this year and find them really pretty and even really cute for fall time, with some cute socks or something and i haven't got a pair of heels in forever. i'm super picky with heels and don't like most of them but these ones were just the pair of heels i was looking for and they so reminded me of a pair i saw on the topshop homepage and i had to get them. 24€ is such a bargain for a super nice and comfy pair of shoes. the cut-outs look so chic when they are on. just a simple pair of heels with a twist. i wore them a couple times but really want to rock them when i go clubbing because i feel like everyone need to see them and i can't cherish them enough. 

so, if you are on the hunt for a good pair of shoes and you may eye a expensive pair of topshop shoes, just have a look at your local primark. their shoe collection is awesome at the moment. and off course, they do have tacky and rubbish looking shoes that i don't want to pick up but there are so many nice ones and i love these and i'm beyond happy that i didn't spend a huge amount of money on a pair of topshop shoes eventhough i still like topshop alot.

i hope you guys enjoyed my third dupe search but first fashion dupe search and i'm such a bad blogger but i'm in the weirdest moods right now, i work like a maniac and somehow everything is really messy at the moment. i'm feeling a bit lost as i don't know what i want to study yet and just signed in for random thinks that i probably won't get accepted to, which really scares me, i'm also planning my moving because i will move out in winter time and my best friend just left for cameroon and my best girlfriend i still in texas...urgh.
anyway, i love you and i hope you enjoyed my post.






  1. I love my boots too! Definitely going to have to check out Primark!

  2. both pairs of boots featured are gorgeous! I especially love the second pair. I replied to the comment you left on my latest post regarding uni etc, I hope my tips help you!

    You've got a lovely blog by the way,


  3. These are so cute, primark will always be my saviour when I am on a budget, who's to say just because it's from PPrimark it doesn't have as good fashion as in Topshop.
    Love the cutouts in the second pair of boots!

  4. Wow, I love both of these, can't believe you got them in Primark! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. My flatmate has boots like these and looks so good in them, however i'm 100% sure I wouldnt be able to pull them off :P

    Katie xx | Katies World

  6. Wow I must have those cut out heels, those are AWESOME!

  7. im just like you! never without a pair of boots, even during winter and summer.
    Love the studded ones, they are total Chloé replicas! x

  8. I kind of started to hate Primark recently so I really can't believe you've scored these two amazing pairs of boots there! The cut out ones are a dream, I am lusting over them!


  9. Waaaaaaaas die gibts in Berlin im Primark? Ich muss dahin!!! War noch nie im Primark hier, aber jetzt habe ich sehr gute Gründe dafür! :D

  10. Hey danke für dein liebes Kommentar! Dein Blog ist toll! Ich folge direkt mal :)

  11. i can't believe you got them from primark! come to think about it, they have pretty nice shoes ;) great choices btw. x

    followed you on bloglovin, let's follow each other?
    check out my fashion/travel blog:

  12. Loving the boots!
    I would wear both them.

  13. Both of these pairs are to die for!! Love your style, your blog is the cutest!

    Xo, Hannah

  14. Those boots are gorgeous! I'd never really thin to go to primark for boots! x

  15. Beautiful boots!

  16. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)


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