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{ Dupe Search } Mac Russian Red

i love lipsticks, as we all know and my favourite lipsticks are the ones by mac. but i know that they are kinda pricey and that probably not everyone wants to spend alot of money on a lipstick. so i'm on the hunt for cheap and cheerful mac dupes so that everyone can pull of the mac look. when i got this lipstick, i wasn't looking for a dupe, i just loved the color but in the moment i swatched it on my hand, i was like; 'wow. this looks so like russian red.' its the rimmel kate moss lipstick in 01.

as you can tell, russian red is a little richer and matte, off course. but both are such true, bright red colors and just beautiful. kate moss 01 is, to me, the shiny version of russian red even if it is a tadd lighter than the mac lipstick but its the best dupe i've ever seen and its so affordable and it also gives the same pigmentation and is super long lasting, just like russian red. it goes on so smoothly and doesn't dry out the lips. i feel the matte russian red might look a little more retro and chich when its put on. if you wondering how mac russian red looks on the lips and how similar it is to the kate moss lipstick, check out this post i did a while ago: click

 Rimmel Kate Moss in 01; 7,28€

i know how it feels like when you really want a certain beauty product but you just don't want to spend a ton of money on it. thats why using good dupes is just the best thing to do until you can afford a certain product. the rimmel lipsticks are only 7,28€ which is such a bargain for a great lipstick which look exactly like a mac lipstick.  for all my german readers, you can get them via asos and all the lucky ones who have rimmel in their drugstore, just give it a go. i wish i could just go and buy every single color that they have.

i hope you enjoyed todays dupe search. please let me know if theres anything i should find a dupe for or if theres any good mac dupe you guys know. love you.





  1. these are great, I love the kate moss 01! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. This dupe is amazing and so pretty as a colour in it's own right!

  3. I actually prefer the formulation of the Rimmel Kate Moss ones, great dupe! x

  4. I love rimmel lipsticks! Such a close dupe, thanks for sharing!


  5. I recently purchased the MAC russian red!
    Would love to try its dupe really.
    My blog on Bloglovin

  6. Ah they are gorgeous! It look so good on you!

  7. This looks lovely! I've been after a kate moss lipstick for ages, autumn is definitely the season to get it ! x

  8. thank you! i've been searching for a dupe for this forever, yay gotta go get this now! <3

    beauty about town ♡

  9. love the russian red´s perfect!

  10. The Rimmel lipstick looks lovely! I definitely have to try a few kate moss lippies, they seem wonderful. xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  11. I really love the Kate Moss lip sticks :) really great value for money :) I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check my latest blog for more information :)

    KatiesWorld xx

  12. the rimmel kate moss collection is fantastic. especially this lipstick and I agree about the price, such a bargain.x

  13. I have yet to try these Kate Moss lipsticks but I've heard such lovely reviews. They're always on sale in the drugstores too!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  14. Oh wow, as soon as I came into your blog I absolutely fell in love with it!! I adore your layout and everything :) I've been lusting after Russian Red for quite a long time now, but knowing that their would be good dupes out their, I've not bought it... thank you for revealing this haha!! I've followed you on gfc. :)


  15. I really love both colors! Nice to find a lipstick that is similar in color to the MAC one as you are right not everyone can buy the more expensive one! Thanks for the great comparison!


  16. lovely color :)


  17. You're blog is amazing! I found it at lookbook and gosh you say you're new to the blogger world? don't mess with me, your photos and lay-out! I adore it!


  18. I have the MAC Ruby Woo and I always wanted to get the Russian Red but it's never in the shop ! Looks so good !


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