Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

My Holiday Hair

i have no idea if thats the beauty lover in me or just something weird about me but even when i'm on vacation i like to wear make up and my hair in a nice way that is easy to do and doesn't take alot of time. my hair grew alot the past 6 months and i love wearing it open to show my ombré ends. 
an easy way to create a beachy and messy look is just done in 3 minutes and i do it basically every day with some simple tools and i hope you like it. 

step one:
i have my hair in a bun or in a braid when i sleep so i just open up my braid or bun and go through it with my fingers. i don't like to brush it because it makes my hair look so straight and its harder to get the messy look. after that, i use the tony&guy sea salt spray and spray it in the ends of my hair and work it in.

step two:
to give my hair little more volume, i use my tangle teezer to backcomb my hair a little bit. the tangle teezer is so gentle that it won't look crazy and heavy, just a little more volume.

step three:
to fix my hair and make it stay in place, i like to use the tony&guy extreme hold hairspray because it gives hold but doesn't make my hair stiff and nasty. it also helps to keep my hair as it is all day long.

...and DONE!

and thats it! i just love the simple, messy waves and its so easy to do. i am really rubbish at doing hair styles but this one i just so easy that i really enjoy doing it and i love the way the sea salt spray makes my ombré ends look. do you have any simple hairstyles that you do alot? i would love to know. i can't believe that my week in denmark is nearly over...time flies and i can't wait for some more lovely days in sweden. i'm just so excited.




  1. I need to get my hands on some sea salt spray!

    Rebekah ♥

  2. Your hair looks lovely! Definitely want to try these products! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. Your hair is so beautiful!

  4. Your hair always looks so amazing! Great post :)

  5. I love tangle teezer, I can't use any other brushes anymore haha!

  6. Great post and I love the tangle teaser. I love your hair and the hairstyle. I really need to get my hands on some sea salt just re-ombréed my hair - I need it!
    My go to hairstyle must be the classic bun. It's reasy but chick at the same time :)

    Christina xx

  7. Love your hair looks so nice with the tie-dye. Great blog and the photos are done so well


  8. this is so lovely! i never knew tangle teasers were so expensive! :(


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