Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Unboxing; Rimmel & Boden

i love getting packages in the mail. who doesn't? to me its just so exciting to wait for it and when i know theres something on its way to me, i literally look for the post van every single day. lately i ordered some make up at asos and my mom ordered some clothing for my sister at boden and i included some shoes i wanted to get. when they finally arrived i decided to share my excitement with you guys and unbox them with you. 

i was wearing my black chalsea boots soooo much that they nearly fell apart and i needed some new pretty boots and found these babies. brown leather boots. they are kinda looking like cowboy boots but not over the top. the leather is really soft and it is a pair of shoes that make my legs look a little skinnier. they are high quality and really comfy to walk around in all day. perfect everyday boots. 
i usually don't shop at boden. my mom likes the clothing for my younger sister. they are kinda pricey but high quality and really cute. their clothing for babies is sooooo cute. if i had a baby i would dress it in boden only.

the wake me up foundation is a bloggers and youtuber favourite for a while and i also jumped on the band wagon in the winter time. german drugstores don't stock rimmel anymore and when i found them on asos i was so happy. this is my second bottle of the foundation and concealer because it works so good with my skin and looks fab on. my everyday foundation and its so cheap. i just love it and couldn't wait to stock up on it.

i hope everyone is fine and i would love to know where you guys like to order. i'm always looking for a new shops. i love you guys.




  1. I love unboxing things, makes me feel like its my birthday or christmas :) I havent tried the Rimmel fountain, but on my next trip to boots I might grab a bottle :) xx

  2. Oh goshh, I've heard sooooo many about the wake me up foundation and been wanting to try it out for ages! I had a little sample (from magazine) of them when they first came out in the UK and never ever tried it yet. Maybe I should.. but I tend to repurchase the same foundation i've been using for years! Maybe I should be more experimental haha.

    Have a wonderful day, <3

    Boonya - theartywardrobe.blogspot.com

  3. The boots look really cute! I really want to try the wake me up foundation&concealer, but same I can't find them anywhere in France.. And I'm not sure about ordering it online because I'm sure I'm not going to pick the right shade haha

    x elise

  4. I've yet to try the wake me up foundation. is it good? I've heard good things about it too but i'm worried it will be too oily for my skin :-(

  5. Great post, Feel free to check out my new post :)


  6. ooo exciting! Who doesn't love some nice packages in the mail :)

    Your boots look lovely and I have not tried any of those Rimmel products even though I've heard really good things about both.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  7. cute suede boots there!

    check out my new all-white outfit post! :)

  8. I've never tried the concealer but the foundation is really good ! x


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