Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Mini Haul

primark clutch, 7€ / zara necklace, 21,95€ / primark dress, 11€ / primark shorts, 12€

as we all know, i am a shopaholic and love to spend my money on things i don't really need but this time i really "needed" the items. prom and the ceremoney where i am officially done with school and the owner of a german high school diploma are right around the corner and i needed some clothing and accesories to wear to it.
i got the black clutch to wear to my prom. my prom dress is a really simple but very chic long lace dress in a cream white, there will be another post dedicated to my prom dress, and i wanted to pair it with more edgy shoes and accesories to give it more coolness, so the dress won't make me look like a bride. the zara necklace is also for my prom outfit. i haven't been to zara in ages and i only liked the necklace. zara has some nice pieces in stock but i hate the quality. is it just me or did some of your zara clothing literally fell apart after wearing it once?
the ceremoney is a really formal thing. everyone who graduated and is about to get a german high school diploma comes with his family to the main hall  and after speeches by teachers and students everyone gets his diploma and is now able to study at universities. i needed a dress to wear to it and found this cute skater girl dress at primark. its a really thick material with velvety roses on and i love it. its a little too big and too long but i can make it work...maybe i have to get my sewing machine out.
the shorts have been just a random purchase. i love high wasted shorts and pearls and these combine both. they are, again, too big but since i got in better shape they didn't had my size and i  hate skin tight shorts, so these will work for me.

i know, not that many buuuuut i will be off to denmark/sweden in less than 4 weeks and i will shop till i drop...and i'm kinda saving up for it. 
so thank you guys for 90 followes on gfc and 92 on bloglovin. i can't believe i'm so close to 200 followers total. thank you so much for your support.




  1. That primark clutch is so nice, I wish I had saw it when I was in there last week!

  2. Your prom dress sounds amazing! Lovely items you've got xo

  3. I love that clutch, I hope you can get it here in the UK!

    Vanessa xx

  4. I love that necklace, it looks lovely! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. love the things you´ve bought, especially the necklace, it´s perfect!

  6. The clutch is gorgeous! Looks so much more expensive than Primark! Great haul!


  7. I love the clutch, Primark always do really nice ones.


  8. Great items! I really love primark, still waiting for the store nearby to open haha.

    Thanks for sharing!! :)
    I really like your blog, what do you say about following eachother??


  9. Great stuff! Love the necklace!!

  10. Oh my! I just fell in love with your blog, and all of your posts if that's even possible! You really have such a nice blog! You've got yourself a new reader! :-) Second, I love that necklace!! It's so pretty, same goes for the clutch! So cool you're from Berlin, I'm from Belgium (I study German) and I'll probably stay in Berlin next year for a while, I'm really looking forward to it! xx

  11. pretty pieces, like that Zara necklace;)X

  12. love the clutch and necklace. I actually havent had a problem with zara clothes. its a shame that the once you have fell apart

    Fikki of The Pastime Bliss

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  13. Das Design deines Blogs ist wirklich süss, ich liebe dein Sidebar-Foto!
    Und ich habe mich total in diese Tasche verliebt, von wo ist sie, wenn ich fragen darf?

    Oh, wollen wir uns mit Bloglovin und GFC folgen? Ich würde mich freuen!

    Liebe Grüsse aus Zürich,
    Lory xoxo


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