Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Mac Tempting

my last trip to mac wasn't only about one lipstick, i also got my first ever mac eyeshadow. i always had an eye on all the beautiful colors and one day i will create my own mac paltte but i never got any eyeshadows since i always was and still am obsessed with their lipsticks. 
this item is, again, for my prom make up. tempting is a dark dusky brown with gold shimmers. it is really pigmented and really buildable. it is very easy to blend and looks so good on the lid

its a lustre shadow but i have honestly no idea what that means...i'm a newbie when it comes to mac eyeshadows but i just love it, its so beautiful to look at and i love the simple packaging. i always tend to go for neutrals because i love how they look with brown eyes and i did my prom make up once to try it out and tempting works so good with it and makes it look how i wanted it to look. 

i you want to see a tutorial on my prom make up, please let me know.

so do you guys have any mac eyeshadows and what are your favourites? i would love to get more mac shadows...not all at one time, off course. oh man, i'm such a mac freak, its insane.

what have you guys been up to? i hope its sunny where you guys are and you have some spare time to enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones. love you guys.




  1. Woodwinked by Mac is such a lovely colour!
    Great post :) By the way I am now craving Reeses chocolate!

  2. love the colour, it´s really beautiful :)

  3. It looks so pretty! I don't have any MAC eyeshadows either, but I've heard many great things about 'All that glitters' ! Maybe it's about time I bought one too xo

  4. Such a gorgeous colour, I really want to try MAC Eyeshadows! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. I've never tried MAC products but that looks like a very pretty color. The candies look delicious as well :)

  6. I love mac! I haven't boughten anything from there in a long time, but this reminds me that I should go check it out again!


  7. I love how you've used Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the pictures! :)

    Ria x

  8. Currently building up a mac eyeshadow palette and I love this colour! Defiantly adding to the list xx

    Olivia -

  9. Love the pictures! This is such a beautiful colour.
    I have MAC bronze which I absolutely love!

  10. This is a really gorgeous colour!
    I adore MAC eyeshadows. :)


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