lass’ uns zum strand

brace yourself, very picture heavy post.
sometimes i hate living on the outer corner of berlin, more like the countryside but there are times where i truly love it. summer decided to come back with sun and warm weather and me and a group of friends decided to make the most of it by spending the day at a beautiful lake in my ‘hood. me and my lovely caro, the beautiful girl with the slightly red hair, took our bikes and made our way, meeting up with max, the guy that wears carhartt caps alot and has his sisters name as a tattoo and lena, blonde girl, came along with us. later on tobi, the guy who eats ice lollies in a such sexy way, joined us. 
the perfect day to work on my tan, enjoy the sun and even dip into the cold water. i still had my bubbles with me and we found out how pretty they look on pictures.
ice lollies, ice cream and watermelon were the perfect match, eventhough max ate his ice cream with his student id because no one had a spoon
because it was such a great day we spend the next day the exact same way.
this is the first post with a german title and because i know that most of my readers aren’t german: it is out of a german song i listen to all the time. its calles strand by yasha and is such a great song. listen to it!
i hope you enjoyed the non beauty post and hopefully the sun is shining where you are…tonight is my prom and i’m soooooo excited.
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