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its finally warm and sunny in germany which means its time to enjoy festivals und open air concerts. for me, one of the best things to do in the warm seasons and tomorrow is a really exciting festival going on. the holi festival of colors and i thought it would be a nice idea to show you what i love to take with me to such an event.
i just love flower head bands. who doesn’t? it makes me feel like a mix between a boho/ hippie girl and a little fairy. and they look really cute. i also hate having my hair all over my face when i’m dancing, so they keep my hair in place. the big rosy one is by h&m and the daisy one is by primark and will be featured in my next primark haul.
perfect sunshine is, off course, something that makes a open air concert or a festival more enjoyable. having sunglasses is a must and i love the cat eye shaped ones at the moment. they look so lovely and are so in style right now. they are also from primark for only 1,50€. such a bargain for a stylish pair of sunnies.
glitter is a must for me and you may wonder why. i use it on my face like around my eyes in a semicircle. just with a little handcream to make it stick to my face and it looks so pretty when the sun shines and makes it sparkle. somehow i carry some glitter in my make up bag…just i case you need some sparkle. it has become a little hipster thing but i don’t care. i like it and thats what matters to me.

i’m so sorry; i haven’t had alot of time for blogging that week. i had my oral exam, which went really well, and i worked alot. yesterday i had a 8 hour shift and i was exhausted. anyway, i have alot of blogpost ideas and i hope you will like them. i hope you have a nice day, i love you and if you don’t know what holi is, heres a cheeky little video for you:

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