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as you know and as i mentioned in like all my posts; i love bright lips and thats why i wanted to share my favourite summer lipsticks with you, to give you an idea what pretty colors are out there and make your summer make up more fun. i hope you will enjoy it.
i normally don’t go for limited edition stuff because mostly they just not what i like but the p2 summer attack limited edition had such pretty lipsticks and i picked up this beautiful hot fuchsia pink, which is called jungle juice, and its so bright and vibrant with slightly blue undertones which makes it even more pop. if you are a little worried about wearing bright lips, this is probably no color for you but i just love it when i’m on a night out. just throw on a black maxi dress and this lipstick and you‘re good to go.
off course, my beloved candy yum yum by mac has to take place in this post. i’m so in love with it. to me its the perfect barbie pink and its matte finish makes it so wearable. since my skin got a little tan, it looks even better. to me, candy yum yum is just the summer lipstick.
orange lipstick is just something i find myself loving and going back to every time i get lipsticks or just look at them. it is also a lipstick from the p2 summer attack limited edition and i called heat wave. the bright orange really reminds me of sunsets and its just a great color which i rock all the time because its really buildable. it can be a hint of orange on your lips to bright orange lips which i really love. 
so, i don’t always wear bright lips and when i go for a nude i found myself choosing this one. its from p2 and is called flashdance. it is a new formula called sheer glam. its not very pigmented but really shiny and makes my lips look and feel really soft. i go for peachy nudes and thats what flashdance is. right now its one of my most used lipsticks and nice to apply when i focused my make up on my eyes.
i feel like the swatches really show how bright jungle juice is, i just love it. so thats it for today and i would love to know what your favourite lipsticks are. so i can try some more. since you guys seem to grow every day which makes me so happy…you guys are just my happiness, i would love to know what you would love to read on my blog. just tell me.
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