Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

Mac Coral Bliss

mac makes me weak, makes me splurge on items i don't really need but love and its quality never disappointed me. my prom is coming up and since i love doing my make up, i know what i want it to look like, i decided to do my prom make up all by myself instead of getting it done and not having it the way i want it. my dress is a more simple lace dress and i wanted to go for a smokey eye and needed a lipstick to wear with it. when i was looking for a coral color i came across the cremesheen coral bliss and fell in love with it.

cremesheens are not as highly pigmented as my matte mac lipsticks but really shimmery and creamy on the lips and not as heavy which is probably the best lipstick for a long night with family and friends.

coral bliss is a lipstick with the perfect amount of golden shimmer which gives my lips a really natural finish and, in my eyes, coraly tones suit every skin tone and it bet it will look perfect with my smokey eyes. as all mac lipsticks i own, it is really long lasting and i don't know why, i love the way mac lipsticks smell. i never heard anything about coral bliss but it is such a beautiful color for every day.

i always struggle to buy mac lipsticks because of their price tag but i just love every new piece in my collection and can't wait to rock coral bliss at my prom. if you are looking for the perfect coral and you don't mind the price tag, coral bliss is somtheing you have to look at. i'm really addicted to its feeling on my lips and i'm wearing it right now actually. it won't be the last mac lipstick that i'm getting, off course, but a really got investment and its quality is just something i find myself going back to.

i hope everyone is alright. i was really busy lately, the weather was terrible so it was really hard to take any good looking pictures but i'm finally done with school. my graduation is on june 13. sorry for not being a good blogger lately and thank you for staying with my anyway. i love you. 




  1. Wow i havent saw this colour before it looks amazing!! Defiantly have to go to Mac asap


  2. That colour is so bright and fun for spring. And its a creamsheen too, bonus! c:

    xo, Janiecy

  3. Love the colour, it looks so pretty swatted! Its not one I have heard of before but I really want to check it out! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. I love coral lipsticks, they're so summery! :)

    Rachael x

  5. This is such a pretty colour!xx

  6. Ahh this is such a gorgeous colour! I want ittt!! I haven't been a good blogger too! School is taking over my life and it sucks! :(

  7. This shade is so so so so pretty!

    You have prom in Germany? Omg I feel like everybody on earth has a prom but us, in France, ughhh hahaha

    x Elise

  8. This such a beautiful summer colour, you deserve to treat yourself for prom! Hope you have a good time and take lots of pictures.


  9. I've been debating getting mac lipstick but like you the price tag keeps scaring me away although now I think you've inspired me to try it out!

  10. What a gorgeous colour! And beautiful pictures.

    Followed you :)

    - Erin

  11. I have the exact same one, love it

  12. This will look gorgeous with a smokey eye! Such a good choice.
    I'm a sucker for MAC lipsticks too, I just bought Girl About Town to add to my collection :)
    Lovely post.

  13. This looks stunning! My Mac lipsticks are all relatively safe and neutral, I should throw it up a little and be a bit more daring :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  14. I just bought this recently... isn't it the most beautiful colour?! I really love it, it looks gorgeous for Summer!!! xxx

    Gemma ♥ |

  15. I love coral lipsticks!! I might have to go pick this up now....:)

    I love your blog - I'm a new follower! It would mean so much if you could check out my blog (I know your probably get this a lot though!)

    Ella x

  16. This is lovely! I love coral coloured lipsticks even though they're not quite for me. On other people though, I love them!


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