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i have no idea when the beauty blender came around but everyone, especially on youtube, seemed to be so excited about it but the price tag was a little ridiculous for a make up sponge and i was so glad when i found the a beauty blender dupe in my drugstore for only 2,45€. i was amazed. not only by the price tag. it just works amazing. 
the beauty blender is basically a egg formed, really thick sponge which is supposed to buff the foundation into your skin and make it look natural. the pointy end of it is perfect to work the foundation into places that most brushes won’t reach as good, like the under eye or nose area. 
i use the sponge a little wet and then work the foundation into my skin and i feel like my skin looks more like skin when i use the beauty blender, if that makes any sense but it makes my skin look so flawless. it is easy to clean since it doen’t get as dirty and messy as make up brushes and works so gentle on my skin. since i got it, i use it every day because it worked with every foundation i own so far.
i’m so glad i didn’t spend 15,99€ on the original one and got the dupe instead because i dont think that the original one does a better job. the dupe is my go to product to apply foundation and i will keep using it and love it alot.
i hope you liked my second dupe search and i’m so sorry i haven’t done a blog post in 5 days but i worked alot…i need to make money to spend it on beauty and fashion items and show them to you, my lovely lot. i hope you have a lovely week end.
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