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Aussie; There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start.

tust me guys, i was such a happy bunny when i was browsing around my local drugstore and  found out that they now stock aussie hair care. i almost screamed because in one of the thousands of beauty boxes that are around, i had some samples of them and loved to use them on my hair. i always have to be quite careful when it comes to hair care because my scalp is so sensitive.

i went for the lucious long shampoo for 5,25€. it comes in a 300ml bottle and is described as a shampoo for long hair that needs alot of care. the so called "blue mountain mixture" made of different eucalyptus extracts. and yes, the shampoos color is a milky blue and it has a really significant kinda fresh smell that i really like and i do recognize everywhere. it gives a really fresh and clean feeling to my hair and makes me feel like any grease or dirt or whatever is gone and it doesn't have a heavy, nasty smell that stays on my hair for days and days. after using it and not washing my hair for 3 days, i usually wash my hair twice or three times a week, it still looked clean and pretty.

when i was about to get a aussie conditioner, i thought i would be good to get the conditioner that goes hand in hand with the shampoo. so i got the luscious long conditioner, in a 250ml bottle for 5,25€.

it is again made with the "blue mountain mixture" and is made to make long hair look beautiful till its ends and thats what it does. my hair feels really soft and even my ends are not as dry as they were before. ombré is just not the best thing to do to your hair but this conditioner helps my hair alot and it works brilliant with the shampoo.

once a week i use a hair mask to make my hair feel and look better and i though i would get the 3 minute miracle reconstructor for 7,25€ in a 250ml bottle. it is a intensive mask for demaged hair made with australian mintbalm. again, something really fresh and i does feel as fresh as mint sounds. you're supposed to keep it in up to 3 minutes and it should give you soft and shiny hair. 

my hair is really dry at its ends because of my ombré hair and it really makes my hair shiny and feeling soft plus it smells like some kind of chewing gum i loved when i was a kid but i feel like i should try the 3 minute miracle moisturizer, to give my hair the moisture it needs. especially in the summer time.

all in all, aussie products aren't as expensive as one might think and work soooo good for my hair. off course, everyones hair need a different treatment but they are worth having a look at. not only because the packaging is so pretty.

so, that was my aussie kinda haul and impressions post. to do a real review i'm not using them long enough. i hope everyone is fine and someone wrote me that there is a blogger competition going on. the cosmopolitan blog awards 2013...i feel like there will be alot of awesome blogs entering but basically you are the ones that nominate blog and i would love if you would nominate me...if you want to and feel my blog is good enough.
go here if you want to nominate me or any other blog. my categorie would be best new beauty blog. i love you guys.




  1. Eeee so picking this up next time I'm in town :) Thanks for a great review!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. I love Aussie, they work so well and smell amazing too! Glad you are enjoying them! xxx
    Maddy from

  3. lovely blog, I've always meant to try Aussie. I definitely will one of these days!


  4. Very pretty photography :) I used to always use this brand until I started using tigi and loved the scents and results xx

  5. a bonus to every aussie product- always smells nice

  6. I really do like Aussie products, they smell really good! Have you tried their spray leave in conditioner? It's really nice too :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Pretty photographs :) I love most Aussie products x

  9. Lovely photos. I love most Aussie products, they work amazingly well for me and aren't even that expensive (:

  10. You and your blog are beyond stunning! So excited to start reading more from you!

    ♡ xx

    I have just started my blog :)

  11. such good photography- great blog! feel free to check out our blog if you have time x

  12. I love aussie! Your blog is amazing, love all your photos
    Lucia's Loves


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