Turning 19

i turned 19 yesterday which was really exciting. i can’t believe how time runs sometimes and when it comes to birthdays i’m always a little sad that i’m not a kid anymore because birthdays and christmas were just the most exciting and amazing days ever. i was really pleased that the weather was just perfect. sunny and really warm and i also wrote my last written exam that day. no more exams for me and i was able to enjoy the day without worrying about an upcoming exam. my grandparents, parents and my sister enjoyed the sun in our backyard with me and ate some super yummy cake. it actually is the cake i get since i’m a kid and it is a bithdaycake made for kids but it just tastes so good and birthdays just taste like this kind of cake to me. so, before i write about the presents i got; i’m not bragging in any way. i actually asked for nothing but a little money and that was basically what i got. some flowers, cake, money and just a nice afternoon with my family. my grandma got me a book from the neon magazine which is about random facts…and i love it. its so much fun to read. when my grandparents left i just had a chat with my mom and went to meet my friends in the city to have some drinks and it was beyond amazing. i didn’ take my canon with me because i’m always afraid to take it places at night. two of my best male friends wrote a cute song for me and sang it in public…just for me and a really good friend is back from france and joined to. the presents my friends gave me were so sweet. the guys got me book to plan my blog in. soooo sweet, right? some friends got me a massage in a fancy spa and some bath things and a new coffee mug
now i’m 19…wow. can’t believe it. how old are you turning this year? and what do you plan for your birthday. i hope you had a lovely day and week end. i love you.

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