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h&m dress; 10€ (sale)
the day i went and got my new mac lipsticks, i had a look at the stock in h&m which was right next to the mac store and it actually is a tiny h&m but their stock i really nice. so i had a look at all the stuff and found this beautiful piece and it was only 10€. such a bargain for such a pretty dress. it so looks like spring and summer. so i had to get it. they don’t have a sale section in that h&m and so i started looking through all the clothing racks to find another pretty piece because this dress is just awesome and i love how it looks on. just cute. i love the lace detailing and the lacey sleeves and i actually haven’t bought a dress in a while so i was really happy bunny.
 h&m dress; 10€ (sale)
i was so excited when i found this dress. 10€…like, how amazing. it basically is kinda boxy and just goes down and has those cute ruffles at the bottom. can’t wait to wear it without a jacket and i bet it looks really cute when i wear a sweater on top and just show the ruffles. its just a dress that i love to wear and i want to wear it all the time. somehow, its so me.
  urban outfitters shirt; 19€ (sale)
well, my white cat liked my new black shirt as a sleeping spot. so there‘s white hair all over it. anyway, i had to get this baggy shirt just because it says “drop it like is hot” on it. i love it and its so hilarious. i just love baggy shirts and dicso pants and i even think about getting a chain necklace and wear it with this shirt. 19€ is not that cheap for a shirt but its really soft and pretty. urban outfitters price tags are so ridicolous. but i just had to get this shirt. my inner snoop dog forced me.
so, i hope you enjoyed what i picked up recently. i’m so happy you like my new design and i got so many good feedback and alot of people are reading my blog which makes me so happy. i’m close to 100 followers which is just crazy. i love you sooo much…like…you make me so happy everyday.

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