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Samstag, 13. April 2013

tiny treats

h&m dress; 10€ (sale)

the day i went and got my new mac lipsticks, i had a look at the stock in h&m which was right next to the mac store and it actually is a tiny h&m but their stock i really nice. so i had a look at all the stuff and found this beautiful piece and it was only 10€. such a bargain for such a pretty dress. it so looks like spring and summer. so i had to get it. they don't have a sale section in that h&m and so i started looking through all the clothing racks to find another pretty piece because this dress is just awesome and i love how it looks on. just cute. i love the lace detailing and the lacey sleeves and i actually haven't bought a dress in a while so i was really happy bunny.

 h&m dress; 10€ (sale)

i was so excited when i found this dress. 10€...like, how amazing. it basically is kinda boxy and just goes down and has those cute ruffles at the bottom. can't wait to wear it without a jacket and i bet it looks really cute when i wear a sweater on top and just show the ruffles. its just a dress that i love to wear and i want to wear it all the time. somehow, its so me.

  urban outfitters shirt; 19€ (sale)

well, my white cat liked my new black shirt as a sleeping spot. so there's white hair all over it. anyway, i had to get this baggy shirt just because it says "drop it like is hot" on it. i love it and its so hilarious. i just love baggy shirts and dicso pants and i even think about getting a chain necklace and wear it with this shirt. 19€ is not that cheap for a shirt but its really soft and pretty. urban outfitters price tags are so ridicolous. but i just had to get this shirt. my inner snoop dog forced me.

so, i hope you enjoyed what i picked up recently. i'm so happy you like my new design and i got so many good feedback and alot of people are reading my blog which makes me so happy. i'm close to 100 followers which is just crazy. i love you sooo much...like...you make me so happy everyday.


  1. The dresses are gorgeous!

    Rebekah x

  2. omg I just love your dresses! :) they are perfect

  3. Ohh I love the dress very pretty and summery x

  4. die kleider sind wirklich sehr süß und wären auch genau mein stil. :)

  5. Those dresses are so beautiful, love them!

  6. Love the first one!!
    I just made a new post and think you're going to like it:D!!

    Come by soon!


  7. The dress is sooo pretty!


  8. Love that your t-shirt is covered in cat hairs. Haha. Story of my life!
    You scored such a bargain with that dress. So adorable. And your blog is so cute, too!



  9. die beiden kleider sind niedlich, solche gefallen mir auch immer sehr gut.

  10. omg, your blog is so cute! love it!


  11. Such a pretty dress! I love its layered ruffle look at the bottom.


  12. Your blog is beautiful, I love the purchases (:

  13. cute buys :) and also made me think maybe I just do a haul of my own ;)

    please feel free to check out my blog and would love to get your opinion on my latest look ;)


    have a wonderful week!

  14. So pretty. Love that H&M dress. xA

  15. we can't believe those dresses were only 10. wish they had h&m here in australia :(


  16. Great price for the dress! I love the ruffles, they're a cute touch.


  17. wow. your blogposts are amazing! it would be great if you checked out my blog and follow back if you like ? at www.blogging-inbalenciaga.blogspot.com.au


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