new design

look, its beautiful here. i thought it was time to give my blog a pretty look and i have no idea how to do this html and blogdesign stuff and i was really unhappy about how my blog looked like and that i’m not able to fix it. but its good to have blogger friends who know everything i don’t. the lovely cora helped me out with that and told me who i could contact and i came across a lovely lady who made my blog so beautiful and made me love my spot on the internet even more.
sabrina did all the work for me and did and awesome and soooo fast. she is my hero of the entire month. now you can find all my social networks in the sidebar and i also decided to add the gfc banner or whatever its called. i have no idea why i haven’t done it before. anyway. i hope you like my blogs new look and see you soon. 

Hello Lovely!

Welcome to Elena Isabelle; A personal Blog about everything I am passionate about from Fashion to Beauty and a little bit of Interior and other Lifestyle Topics thrown in the mix. I hope you will enjoy your stay and lets get browsing!

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